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Kim Kardashian fans spot her niece True's face in shocking 'Photoshop' pic

Kim K is involved in another photoshopping scandal after fans have been left speculating and accusing the millionaire mogul of uploading some questionably edited pictures of her daughter and niece to her Instagram.

The post showed Kim K’s daughter, Chicago, and her niece and sister’s daughter, True. Although they looked super cute, fans were quick to speculate that something wasn’t quite right about the photo.

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Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images

Fans think that Kim photoshopped her niece, True, into the picture

Kim Kardashian uploading this seemingly edited picture of her daughter and niece has left fans with a lot of questions. They believe the original photo didn’t have True in it at all and that Kim had photoshopped her niece into the image herself.

Fans are saying the outline of True’s head looks as though it has been taken from another image and photoshopped in replace of someone else.

Twitter blew up when she posted the picture online and one comment saying, “Why does True look photoshopped in tho?” got over 100K likes.

Was Stormi in the original photo?

Investigative fans also noticed that the white hoodie ‘True’ is wearing in the picture, is actually the same hoodie that her other niece, Stormi was wearing when they took a trip to Disneyland.

To add to all the speculation, fans also noticed that True’s face appears to be identical to an older photo taken of her. All of the rumoured editings seem to be a lot of work and fans are adamant there must be a reason why.

If you’re struggling to keep up with it all, check out this TikTok. Popular creator, Maiachondrialmembrane, was one of the first to speculate against Kim’s Instagram post and she has all the tea.

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Fans believe the post was to distract from the AstroWorld news at the time

Kim is no stranger to being called out for photoshop fails but fans can’t imagine why she would potentially edit pictures of her children.

During the time she posted the image, the world was absorbed by the tragic news of the 10 deaths at Travis Scott’s Astro World Festival. At the time, Travis as Stormi’s mom, Kylie Jenner were silent on their Instagram accounts.

It is speculated that the original version of the image Kim posted with Chicago and True, actually contained Stormi.

Fans believe Kim edited True’s face on top of Stormi’s because she wanted to post pictures of her daughter at Disneyland but also wanted to respect Kylie, Travis’ and Stormi’s privacy at the time.

Fans believe Kim may have done this to avoid drawing further attention and potential hate towards her sister and Travis, but they also think it’s a long way to go just for a picture!


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