Netflix fans are welcome to a look into the lives of LA’s rich and famous in 2022. Bling Empire is back as of May 13th with eight new episodes. Cherie, Christine, Kevin, Kane, Kelly and co are joined by newbies Leah Qin and Dorothy Wang in 2022. Some of the cast members may be fresh but there’s drama brewing between the show’s originals.

Kim Lee and Kevin Kreider explore a potential romance during season 2 and it makes Kim Lee reflect on her lack of luck in love so far. She has a successful career as a world-renowned DJ, but Kim Lee hasn’t had the best results when it comes to finding a partner. So, let’s find out more about the Korean musician Kim Lee said was her ex on Bling Empire.

Bling Empire | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Bling Empire | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Kim Lee says she’s scared to fall in love on Bling Empire

Speaking to Kelly Mi Li and her mother on Bling Empire season 2, Kim says that she’s been in love once.

She said: “I was kind of like he did me wrong but I still held on. I’m damaged inside, I’m still in the healing process…

Kim said that a couple of years back, she was in a relationship with a famous Korean musician. She thought he was the one but said on Bling Empire that he “betrayed” her.

Who is Kim Lee’s ex-boyfriend?

Kim Lee previously dated South Korean musician Keith Ape. She cited him on Bling Empire as the one time she’d been in love and as per The Cinemaholic, the two dated in 2017.

The two attended Paris Fashion Week together in 2018.

Keith Ape’s real name is Dongheon Lee and he’s signed to Roc Nation. The musician can be found on Instagram with 274K followers @chrt_keithape.

Speaking of her ex, Kim said on Bling Empire that he was “a lot more quiet” than she is.

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Keith Ape’s music explored

South Korean rapper Keith Ape was previously known as Kid Ash. He’s a member of a crew called The Cohort.

Keith Ape was born in Seoul in December 1993, making him 28 years old.

He has around 38K followers on Twitter (@keithape) and Kim Lee still follows him.

Keith Ape is known for songs such as It G Ma, Achoo!, Gospel, Diamonds and more. The artist has around 9M views on his YouTube channel.

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