The third semi-finals round of Britain’s Got Talent saw comedian Kojo Amin wow the crowd yet again as he marched through to the final of the 2019 ITV series.

Kojo was up against a knife-throwing act, youthful boyband Chapter 13 and dance group KNE, yet he made through to the last stage alongside adorable 88-year-old pensioner Colin Thackery.

But, simply put, Kojo never deserved to make the final. In fact, the man is not actually very funny and he should have never received the Golden Buzzer!

From Syco / Thames
Britain’s Got Talent: SR13: Ep2 on ITV
Pictured: Kojo Anim.

Kojo and Alesha Dixon

Kojo confirmed that he was friends with judge Alesha Dixon through the singer’s partner.

Nothing more than a tenuous link you’d think, although Alesha appeared to find Kojo’s jokes absolutely hysterical.

While appearing on Lorraine, Kojo said:

I don’t have her (Alesha) number. I actually know Alesha’s partner, that’s how I know Alesha. When I was coming up, he was a dancer and we were in a lot of talent shows together. So when they got together I was like, ‘Wow, you’re with Alesha Dixon, mate, you’ve come up in the world’.

Kojo Anim is not funny

Sure, humour comes down to preference. And, with an act performing on Britain’s Got Talent you can’t expect a Frankie Boyle type comedian to strut on stage and curse the house down.

That said, former BGT judge Michael McIntyre delicately tickles the funnybone with his topical observations. Kojo barely waffled more than a disappointed sigh from my home audience… albeit of one human and one cat.

The 39-year-old’s opening joke on BGT politely bounced between African stereotypes and parenting with no clear punch line. Oh, I was waiting.

An impression of a pigeon was probably as funny as it got over 60 seconds of my brain cells pinging “I don’t get”.

Mr Golden Buzzer act

Kojo’s final few jokes were far more swish than his opener.

And I did chuckle at his tramp joke:

He (the tramp) rushed up to me and said ‘I know you’re in a rush but can I get 20 pence to get something to eat’. I said mate, you’ve got somewhere to eat for 20? I’m coming with you!

Nevertheless, the showstopper was a simple observational anectode on black cabs. It just felt like something I’d heard before.

Besides, the crowds didn’t exactly roar themselves horse or ditch their seats to rise up and applaud.

However, with Alesha Dixon leading the judges to a standing ovation, Simon Cowell slammed his Golden Buzzer and pushed Kojo onto the stage for the live semi-finals (performed on Wednesday, May 29th).

Kojo makes the final!

Kojo’s next stand-up piece came in the nerve-wracking live semi-finals.

Again, the London comedian led with a tale about his childhood,  although this time his performance was delivered with the swagger and confidence or a pro. Someone’s been practising!

Yet despite his newfound wave of self-belief, the jokes were no different. African stereotypes and some waffle on parenthood.

Kojo’s lead joke was, again, built around observational humour. He said:

Guys, have any of you hated a job so bad… you practice your sick voice. You know waht I’m talking about innit – and the best place to practice was always the bathroom!

For many of us, we were just missing the humour in the whole sketch and the impression just felt lame.

What felt like an average, bog-standard stand-up sketch in the first place was miraculously given a Golden Buzzer.

Kojo’s second stint on stage was no different to the first but, apparently, it was a show-winning masterpiece that may have gifted him the pulling power to go on and win the show.

With the crowd behind him and the tag of ‘Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act’, it’s probably too late to go against the grain and say claim he’s not funny.

From Syco / Thames
Britain’s Got Talent: SR13: Ep2 on ITV
Pictured: Kojo Anim.


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