Kurran Pooni: 5 things you didn't know about The Apprentice candidate - From acting to his dad's AIRLINE!

The Apprentice is back with an all-new series. Episode 1 aired last Wednesday (October, 3rd).

Kurran Pooni is one of the contestants, and he says that he eats sleeps and breathes success.

Here are five things you didn’t know about Kurran Pooni!

Screen Shot: Kurran Pooni The Apprentice – BBC One, series 14

Kurran Went to a Private University

Kurran graduated from The University of Law this year (2018).

Before that, he went to the prestigious Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School in Hertfordshire.

Work-wise Kurran has completed several work placements at various solicitors and legal firms such as DLA Piper and DWFM Beckman.

On his LinkedIn profile though, there’s no sign of full-time employment – but maybe he’ll update that after The Apprentice!

Kurran Pooni Loves Dogs

Kurran has a West Highland Terrier.

The lawyer’s four-legged friend is apparently his ‘wingman’.

Not sure adorable pooches will win over Mr Sugar, though …

Kurran’s Dad Makes Mega Bucks

Kurran’s father must be a huge inspiration for him.

His dad, Jimmy Pooni, owns his own airline for goodness sake!

Jimmy is the owner of Poo UK, he set up his flight service to Amritsar, India in 2003.

Kurran is a Budding Actor

Although his law degree might bring home the bacon, Kurran’s true passion in life is to become an actor.


He describes himself as an ‘actor seeking representation’.

Oh and he also thinks that he can predict the future.

Well if all else fails, Kurran.

Kurran is One of the Lads

Kurran or ‘Kuz’ as it states on his Instagram is certainly one of the lads.

His motto for life is “vibes speak louder than words.”

If he’s not posting pics of his new Rolex, he’s in the club downing Grey Goose!

Let’s just hope he can keep things mature in the boardroom.

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