Last Chance U: English teacher LaTonya Pinkard was the real hero of ICC!

Last Chance U dropped season 4 of its famous Netflix franchise in mid-July, as Independence Community College and coach Jason Brown were put under the microscope once again.

Arguably the most explosive series to date, the effing and jeffing head coach was fired at the end of the season for calling a German student Hitler via text while the team shocked the local community with their abysmal performance in the JUCO League.

With the Pirates slumping to a devastating 2-8 season, it’s difficult to look at the bigger picture for many of the students at ICC: education and graduation.

Fortunately, English teacher LaTonya Pinkard was always on-hand whether it was launching “let’s go Pirates” chants in the stands or hugging Bobby Brown and telling him that everyone will be okay after he was expelled from school.

Here’s to the true captain of the ICC Pirates’ ship.

Screenshot: Last Chance U Latonya Pinkard ‘Mrs P’

Who is LaTonya Pinkard?

LaTonya is the loveable English teacher in seasons 3 and 4 of Last Chance U, which was filmed at Independence Community College, where she works.


She has been at the college for five years having previously worked at Georgia Perimeter College and Kennesaw State University.

The teacher is also a certified life coach and inspirational speaker, which we regularly saw weaved into her work with students. She often asked her class questions about the meaning of life and forced them to think ‘outside of the classroom’ with deep inquiries into their religion, emotions and ambitions.

Fans loved LaTonya for her positive and strong presence around the student-athletes and particularly for taking troubled student Bobby Brown under her wing in seasons 3 and 4.

She always referred to Bobby as “Mr Brown” and gifted him with the respect and belief that had been lacking in his life, often telling him that he was “more than a football player”.

You can follow LaTonya on Twitter under @latonyaclc and on Instagram @latonyapinkard.

How she saved Last Chance U from disaster

Take away the humble, passionate and caring Pirates defensive lineman Kailon Davis, his teacher Heather and LaTonya Pinkard… what do you have?

You have a Netflix series about an aggressive football coach who shouts and swears at his rebellious young football players to the point where they lose almost every game.

Doesn’t sound very inspiring, does it?

Fortunately, LaTonya pulls through the series almost single-handedly and turns it into an emotional journey of courage, support and belief.

When Bobby Brown was kicked out of ICC for allegations against him stealing, ‘Mrs P’ breaks down to tears. Yet, despite on the verge of crumbling, she manages to regain her composure to deliver a life-changing statement to Bobby about how she will always be proud of him and will always believe him.

There’s no doubt that these are the sort of statements that will stay with Bobby for life. LaTonya supports all of her other students with equal passion and has Kailon turning to religion when he becomes down and depressed.

Coach Brown may be the star of the show because of his position but there’s nothing you can quote from him that doesn’t include needless swearing or extreme controversy.

LaTonya is the queen of Last Chance U who gave her students the incredible “main chick, side chick” anecdote about how football and education should go more evenly hand-in-hand, with neither becoming the side chick.

Where is LaTonya now?

LaTonya is still listed on the ICC staff directory and is expected to teach across the 2019/20 semesters.

Netflix are yet to make a call on a season 5 of Last Chance U although it is more than likely to press ahead.

However, returning to ICC seems unlikely now that they have already filmed for two seasons. Still, as we’ve seen, anything can happen in the world of JUCO Football.



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