Gripping American football documentary Last Chance U returned to Netflix on Friday, June 19th with another in-depth look into the NFL hopefuls at Independence Community College, Kansas.

Whether you’re an American football buff or a sucker for sporting documentaries, the show crams together everything you could wish in a docu-series with twists, turns, highs and lows.

It’s near-impossible not to feel motivated after a sitting of Last Chance U!

One of the most inspirational players on the team is linebacker Bobby Bruce, who had an off-season arrest that almost ruined his football career.

So where is Bobby now? Why was he arrested in the first place? And will make it as a pro?

Screenshot: Last Chance U - Netflix

Screenshot: Last Chance U – Netflix

Everything you need to know about Bobby Brown!

Bobby was a fan favourite and key member of the Last Chance U season 3 documentary, proving one of Independence Comunity College’s star players for the 2018 season.

He is 20 years old and plays as a linebacker.

  • Height: 6ft
  • Weight: 200lbs (90 kg)

You can follow Bobby on Twitter under @bobbybruce20. He is not on Instagram.

Why was Bobby arrested?

Despite Bobby’s talents, his career was plagued by academic and behavioural issues.

In June 2018, Bobby was arrested and charged with armed robbery by the Palm Bay police following an incident at a man’s home where a gang of three used a firearm to take $450 cash and an iPhone.

Eventually, the case was dropped due to a lack of evidence. State Attorney spokesman Todd Brown said:

The central issue, in this case, was the positive identification of the suspects. There was no physical evidence to link possible suspects to the crime and the assailants wore masks, preventing identification. The remaining witness gave conflicting testimonies to police.

Initially, it was expected that Bobby would not return to the Independence Community College football team.

However, once the charges were dropped, he rejoined the team for the remainder of Last Chance U season 3.

Where is Bobby Bruce now? Is he still playing?

Although returning to play for ICC, Bobby was eventually kicked out of the college, leaving Independence and the Netflix series after he was dropped from the team.

Bobby didn’t play for a while but eventually made a move to Arena Football team Manatee Neptunes, where he has played as the team’s linebacker since May 2019.

How to watch Last Chance U

You can watch season 4 of Last Chance U on Netflix right now.

There are a total of eight episodes in the series.