Last Chance U season 4 dropped to Netflix on Friday, July 18th, boasting a return for superstars Malik Henry and Bobby Brown.

However, a key player who emerged through the ranks was Jay Jones, despite having to balance injury with reward throughout the new series.

Not to mention attempting the near-impossible and winning the trust of coach Brown!

So where is Jay Jones now? What happened to him since filming? And should there be a season 5 at Independence Community College, will he be part of the football program?

Screenshot: Last Chance U - Netflix

Screenshot: Last Chance U – Netflix

Who is Jay Jones?

Jay Jones is described as a triple-threat quarterback who transferred to ICC from Georgia Tech for the start of season 4 on Netflix.

According to 247 sports, he jumped schools repeatedly having fallen out with coaches after his father was in a car accident that left him in a coma for 20 days.


JJ made the move hoping to revive his career as playing time at Georgia had slowly decreased. However, a hamstring injury meant that JJ could do little more than jump on-board a conveyor belt of QB’s at the school.

Nevertheless, whether Jones makes it in football or not, the world is his oyster with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Master’s in Sports Studies.

You can follow Jay on Instagram under @1ove_unoo to keep up to date with his career… and terrible jeans.

Where is he now?

Jay made a big call and declined to go back in when the coaches called for him during a game against Fort Scott in season 4 of Last Chance U. Bold or stupid… only time will tell.

The Last Chance U end credits confirmed that Jay was evaluating various offers having told recruiters that he was open to switching position to wide receiver.

Judging by Twitter, it appeared to be a sour ending to his season at ICC and only time will tell if he is wanted under a new coach.

Likewise, the two original Last Chance U seasons focused on a school in Mississippi. With two seasons at ICC now over and coach Brown stepping down, it would make sense for Netflix to move on to a new college for filming. This would leave Jay Jones with less motivation to specifically play for ICC and we could easily see him transferring yet again.