Last Chance U: Who is the Independence Pirates head coach for 2019?

The end of Last Chance U season 4 saw head coach Jason Brown dismissed from Independence Community College and forced to resign from his JUCO League Pirates team.

An abrasive and controversial character, Brown left the Netflix series in a manner that only he could muster. He was caught texting a student that he would be his “new Hitler” with the story leaking to the press.

Last Chance U have not confirmed where they will set up camp for season 5, although we know that the 2019/2020 season at Independence Community College will not be under the microscope as it is soon due to kick off.

So who replaced coach Brown? And what can we expect from the Pirates this season?

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Where is coach Brown now?

Coach Brown is not currently active in football and is awaiting a hearing on blackmail, misdemeanour and identity charges. In 2018, he was accused of impersonating an attorney for the law office in emails sent to the Montgomery County Chronicle and Independence Daily Reporter.

According to Kansas law, he faces 7-23 months in prison along with a possible fine of up to $100,000 if convicted. The four blackmail charges carry 11-34 months in prison and also a fine of up to $100,000.

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You can keep up to date with his life on his official Twitter @TheRealCoach_JB.

Who is in charge of the Pirates?

At the end of season 4, Brown’s assistant and offensive line coach Kiyoshi Harris took over the reins.

Kiyoshi has continued his work over summer and will remain as the head coach for the upcoming season. However, to make up for Brown’s evident recruitment talents that are now lost, ICC have brought in Steve McCollom as a recruiting coordinator.

Steve has already tasted Division 1 action having coached at the University of Buffalo and University of Toledo. He’s young, hungry and won three national championships (2009, 2010, 2011) during his time at college as a safety.

What other staff are still at the college?

Defensive coordinator Jason Martin was a key figure in Last Chance U season 4, with the Netflix producers focusing on his family life, where he lived on campus with his wife and two children due to finance issues.

Jason still dreams of making the step up to Divison 1 and remains not only on the defensive operations but will take more of a lead role as Kiyoshi’s assistant.

Familiar faces are hard to come by with yet another shake-up in staff, bar trusted source Keith Donerson.

Where will ICC finish this season?

The Pirates head into the season having plummetted well out the top 20 national sides following their disastrous 2-8 season.

Garden City are expected to win their division comfortably, now sitting second in the JUCO League national rankings.

Any improvement on 2-8 is about as good as gets for ICC heading into the campaign.




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