What is Lauren Alaina's net worth? Star surprises coach on Secret Celebrity Renovation
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What is Lauren Alaina's net worth? Star surprises coach on Secret Celebrity Renovation

Lauren Alaina stole the hearts of many as she surprised her high school cheer coach in the latest episode of CBS’ Secret Celebrity Renovation. Soon after, many fans became curious about the singer’s net worth.

The country music artist did not waste a second when it came to surprising her coach, Susan Bradley. On the show, Lauren confessed she saw Susan as her “second mother.” With her emotions at an all-time high, the American Idol alum managed to renovate an entire house in a short span of time.

Lauren Alaina’s net worth explored

Lauren reportedly has an estimated net worth of $800,000. As per Celebrity Net Worth, the reality star found fame at a very young age. Her interest in singing paved the way for her to appear on various shows.

It all started when Lauren started taking part in school events, while also working at CiCi’s Pizza. She managed to win a local singing competition in 2009.

Lauren’s life changed when she entered American Idol in 2011. It did not take long for her to wow the judges and the viewers with her talent. Even though Lauren didn’t win the show, her skills didn’t go unnoticed.

The reality star went on to tour with American Idols LIVE and also released her debut album, titled Wildflower, in October 2011.

A look at CBS’ Secret Celebrity Renovation episode

On August 6, Lauren appeared on CBS to surprise Susan. Even though the singer wasn’t overly confident about her renovation skills, the show’s contractor, Jason Cameron, assured her that she would be fine.

Lauren initially started off by helping Jason cut wood, before moving on to the bigger tasks. Overall, Lauren was surprised by what she managed to do and did not hesitate to comment on the same.

The singer said: “Did I do it? That was so easy. I don’t know if I thought it was gonna go flying, or what I thought was gonna happen. I don’t even know why you have other people help you.” 

In fact, Lauren was even convinced that this might be something that she could turn into a profession. She added: “Y’all don’t even know about my skills. Jason’s gonna hire me. I’m gonna be busy this summer.”

As the episode came to an end, it was no surprise that Susan absolutely loved Lauren’s surprise.

In the past, guests like Chris Paul, Anthony Ramos, and Wayne Brady have also appeared on the show.

Secret Celebrity Renovation airs Fridays at 8 pm ET/PT on CBS.

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