LEGO Masters USA season 2 contestants revealed - Paras, Moto, Susan, Jen and co!

The LEGO Masters USA season 2 contestants are ready to battle it out for the top spot in the 2021 FOX competition. Let’s get to know the pairs!

Hosted by Will Arnett, LEGO Masters USA season 2 kicks off from June 1st 2021. Each episode, the teams of two contestants are tasked with building a LEGO construct from a variety of different bricks and parts. The first series aired in 2020 and saw married couple Tyler and Amy win the show. But who will it be this year?

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LEGO Masters USA season 2 contestants: Bryan and Lauren

Siblings Bryan, 25, and Lauren, 22, are ready to take part in FOX’s LEGO Masters season 2.

Bryan and Lauren come from Laguna Beach, California.

Caleb and Jacob

Brothers Caleb and Jacob are up next on the cast list.

The pair hail from La Crosse, Wisconsin and they’re both 22 years old.

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Dave and Richard

Pals Dave, 43, and Richard, 39, are contestants on LEGO Masters season 2.

Dave comes from Chicago, Illinois while Richard hails from Brooklyn, New York.

Jack and Dawn

Siblings Jack and Dawn think they’ve got what it takes to take down the rest of the competition in 2021.

Jack, 67, comes from Milton, Ohio and Dawn, 59, lives in Coopersville, Michigan.

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Maria and Philip

Married couple Maria and Philip come from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

They’re both 48 years old.

Natalie and Michelle

Natalie, 32, who hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma and Michelle, 42, from Mesa, Arizona are friends taking part in LEGO Masters USA season 2.

Mark and Steven

Atlanta, Georgia residents Mark and Steven are also taking part in this year’s contest.

The brothers are 27 (Mark) and 25 (Steven) years old.

Paras and Moto

Paras and Moto are friends who are taking part in season 2. They’re both 48 years old.

Paras comes from Boston, Massachusetts and Moto comes from Denver, Colorado.

Susan and Jen

Susan and Jen are 44 years old and 48 years old respectively.

They’re friends and come from American Fork, Utah.

Syreeta and Randall

Syreeta and Randall are another duo of friends taking part.

Syreeta is 33 years old and lives in Queens, New York and Randall is 34 and comes from Chicago, Illinois.

Zach and Wayne

Brothers Zach and Wayne come from Stockton, California.

They’re 26 and 28 years old, respectively.

Zach and Tim

Last of the LEGO Masters USA season 2 contestants are father and son duo Zach and Tim.

Zach is 18 years old and Tim is 47. Both hail from Gaylord, Michigan.

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