Marrying Millions the TV show you never knew you needed so badly…

The premise of the show focuses on so-called miss-matched couples, where one member is filthy rich – and often in their 50s or 60s – while the other is pretty much broke and a lot younger.

Expect a bumpy road and plenty of relationship problems as the six Marrying Millions couples have their relationship scrutinised and the term ‘golddigger’ is passed around the group.

Of the new batch of reality TV stars stands Bill Hutchinson, a 60-year-old baller who has a 21-year-old girlfriend. Here’s everything you need to know about Bill from his line of work to romance with Bri (Brianna Ramirez).

Screenshot: Marrying Million Bill and Bri

Screenshot: Marrying Million Bill and Bri

Who is Bill Hutchinson?

Bill is a 60-year-old from Dallas, Texas, who was born in 1958 – which sounds seriously bizarre considering his partner was born 40 years later in 1998!

His full name is William and he graduated from SMU with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1980, before going on to work in commercial properties.

From here, Bill started to stack his dollar bills, launching his own brokerage company called Dunhill Partners, Inc.

In the late 1990s – as Brianna was nearing birth – Bill turned Dunhill into an investment company and continued to grow its stellar reputation. Now, his business is known as one of the most successful commercial real estate firms in the USA and Bill is sitting on a millionaire’s fortune.

Who is Brianna Ramirez?

Bill’s love interest, 21-year-old Brianna Ramirez, is Mexican.

However, she moved to Dallas and met Bill while working as a restaurant hostess at Blue Mesa Grill.


Brianna doesn’t seem put off by the fact that Bill is twice divorced and they started dating when she was just 18. She spoke to Parade about their relationship and said:

People will ask me, ‘how does your family take this? They want to know how my family reacted to our relationship, and it’s easy to explain because I don’t see it any different than any other relationship, you know? It’s completely normal to me, and just the fact that both of our families have been so kind and accepting, it’s made it really easy.

Interestingly only one of the pair is on Instagram… and it’s not the one you’d expect.

You can find 60-year-old Bill on Insta’ under @bill_hutchinson whereas Brianna is nowhere to be seen on social media.



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