Plastic surgery was no stranger to Lisa Hochstein in her late teenage years. Some might have assumed that being into the limelight first influenced her to change her appearance, but that wasn’t the case.

The Real Housewives of Miami star has always been open about undergoing cosmetic procedures. So when viewers noticed that she looks incredibly different these days, a fan quest to find pictures of her pre-surgery began.

We found some older shots of Lisa, and compared her look before and after surgery.

The Real Housewives of Miami | New Season Official Trailer | Peacock Original

The Real Housewives of Miami | New Season Official Trailer | Peacock Original

What plastic surgery has Lisa had done?

Lisa Hochstein has undergone breast enhancement surgery and cosmetic procedures, including cheek and lip filler. During one RHOM episode, she admitted she “definitely had an addiction” to facial filler, as per Daily Mail.

She revealed that her spouse Lenny’s profession as a plastic surgeon made getting injectables so easy, which led to her getting carried away. Now, Lisa’s view on cosmetic procedures has changed, and she’s removing her facial filler soon.

Page Six reports that Lisa has already removed “a lot of filler”. She told the publication that “filler is not the answer” to a youthful look and instead claimed that lasers and peels work better.

Lisa has now had 60 percent of her filler removed, and plans to embrace a more natural look.

She went under the knife aged 18

Lisa’s first experience of plastic surgery was when she got a boob job aged 18. She went from having A-cups to C-cups.

Almost ten years later, the reality TV star reportedly had her husband Lenny repair her “lopsided” chest to make them appear more natural. The former Playboy model had continued to get plastic surgery for several years.

Now surrounded by cosmetic procedures, due to running Hochstein Medspa alongside spouse Lenny, it’s almost like she just cannot get away from it. But that’s all set to change, as she is reducing her facial filler.

When Lisa first appeared on RHOM, she received heavy criticism from viewers regarding her “plastic” appearance.

Lisa Hochstein: Before and after

Looking back to 2019, Lisa had already undergone cosmetic procedures, but had a significantly less amount of filler than she appears to have currently. A post from June of that year practically makes her unrecognisable.

The most significant change can be seen in a picture of Lisa on her wedding day in 2009, as seen in a throwback post she shared in 2017. She looks much more youthful in the [below] image.

Since getting married to Lenny, Lisa’s face has clearly changed a lot, but we may now expect to see more of a natural-looking version of her when she gets more filler removed.

Not forgetting a Halloween 2008 throwback of Lisa and Lenny, where she has brown hair and is dressed in a Tinkerbell costume, before many more cosmetic procedures.

For those who wondered what Lisa looked like when she was really young, here’s a snap of her growing up:



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