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Listing Impossible cast: Meet Aaron Kirman and his team on CBNC!

CBNC launched their brand new property reality series on Thursday night (July 25th) as Listing Impossible hit TV screens across the USA.

The series follows real estate agent Aaron Kirman and his team as audiences get a glimpse at the mind-blowing world of multi-million dollar estates.

One of four new property-based series, the network hopes to take on HGNTV in a tussle to become the nation’s leading TV property experts.

Can Aaron Kirman lead CBNC to glory?

NBCUniversal Press Tour, January 2019 — CNBC’s “Listing Impossible” Panel (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/CNBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

What is Listing Impossible? How is it different?

With a wide selection of property shows ‘on the market’, Listing Impossible needed a standout selling point. Fortunately, they have Aaron.

CNBC’s brand new series is much more straight-talking than its nearest TV rivals, with Aaron leading the charge to tell homeowners exactly what he thinks of their property – and with no mercy!

If an owner thinks their garish décor is an asset and not a liability, Aaron will show no hesitation in setting them straight.

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

Listing Impossible is raw, honest and uses Aaron to bluntly say what other real-estate-agents-to-the-rich won’t.

Naturally, it is based in Los Angeles, focusing on languishing properties aimed at the extravagant and multi-million dollar property market.

Listing Impossible cast: Who is Aaron Kirman?

Aaron is the President of the International Estates Division of John Aaroe Group, which deal with average home sales of around $300-$400 million.

He started to dip his toes into the world of real estate at the age of 19 and went on to earn a degree in business and communications.

Now, he’s a household name on the celebrity property scene and is famous for fronting a deal for the second-largest sale in Beverly Hills history – the Danny Thomas estate, which sold for $65 million.

Aaron boasts a contact book that includes the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce, having worked with them on a $50 million sale in Malibu. With his own team and division on Canon Drive, he boasts around 44 agents and support staff and has a rapidly growing $3 billion overall sales.

Aaron is homosexual and you can follow him on Instagram under @aaronkirman, where he has a blue tick and over 300,000 followers.

Meet Yawar Charlie!

Yawar also heavily features on Listing Impossible having moved his way from TV and film – where he was the host of Marriage or Mortgage on the Discovery Channel – to real estate.

The openly gay Pakistani created a self-made real estate profile and portfolio after moving to LA around 2008 and is responsible for hundreds of luxury listings at firms including Sotheby’s International Realty, Coldwell Banker and, now, Aaron Kirman Partners.

According to his LinkedIn, Yawar is the Director of the Estates Division at Aaron Kirman Partner. He explained his real estate journey to Grit Daily:

I was an actor who moved to LA to work in TV and film. I realized you must push forward and do your best. I had just finished touring with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and had my Masters in Fine Arts but wanted to step away from doing live theatre and do more TV and film. Acting is what brought me to LA and then I shifted careers from entertainment into real estate.

The Kirman team

There are a huge wealth of agents on the show although you’re likely to spot the following:

  • Rodney Afshari
  • Tori Barnao
  • Gabrielle Show
  • Michael Wattenbarger
  • Antonio Bruno
  • Karen Sanchez
  • Morgan Trent
  • Bryce Lowe
  • Liv Sarvas
  • Taylor Nakaki
  • Maya Manshel
  • Jennie Priel
  • Andrew Butler
  • Josh Chunn
  • Danielle Morse
  • Jake McDermott
  • Marco Naggar
  • Sharu Pastiya
  • Ari Passy
  • Jessica Gannon
  • Iskander Lemseffer
  • Louie Evans
  • Neyshia Go
  • Liz Gottainer
  • Danielle Lavin
  • Tyler Greem
  • Todd Herlin

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