Team NOLA’s Lizzy Musi is one of the most successful females on Street Outlaws. Little do some fans know that she actually has a sister, and not just any sibling, but a fellow car racer who regularly hits up competitions.

The Musi family in itself are known for their racing talents, and Patricia Musi is no exception. The driver of the what she calls the “Legendary Popeye” even holds the title of NMCA World Champion #1!

We know plenty about Lizzy’s car racer husband already, so let’s steer towards her sister and find out what she does for a living. At this speedy rate, it looks like there are no end to the Musi family’s skills…

Who is Lizzy Musi’s sister?

Lizzy’s sister is Patricia Musi, a 20-year-old drag race driver. Her fiancé is known racer and team owner Mike Bankston. He helped track down her father’s old car, before she came third in 2018 in NMCA Nitrous Pro Street.

She later followed it up with the championship this season and had a class-record run of 4.35 seconds! Lizzy has revealed how she always felt she was living in her sister and father’s shadow, and told Drag Illustrated:

I was always in my dad’s or my sister’s shadow and it was real hard for me to get out of that shadow. I wanted to go and prove myself to everybody so they could see what I was made of. I definitely want more.

Together, Lizzy and Patricia would often go on the road as young girls, while their dad raced pro street. During their trips, they would bond and share their love of singer Stevie Nicks!

Patricia currently sells street racing t-shirts on her website, which fans can purchase for themselves. She is also currently raising money to write children’s books focused on drag racing.

Patricia races like her Street Outlaws sibling

Patricia envisions joining Lizzy in the Pro Nitrous ranks but she’s in no hurry to get there, as per Drag Illustrated. She drives her father’s old car, which has allowed her to create her own identity in the standout racing family.

She successfully won the NMCA Nitrous Pro Street championship in 2019 while racing in her father Pat’s storied ’99 Trans Am. Patricia, known as Tricia for short, also earned a spot on the 30 Under 30 list for 2019.

Before her recent achievements, Patricia raced Top Sportsman in 2015, but a sponsor pulled out midway through the season meaning she was unable to race. So, we may be seeing her in future Street Outlaw episodes!

I remember being on the road as a little girl when my dad raced pro street. Me and my sister would always sing to some Stevie nicks when it came on even though it was before our time 😂

Posted by Lizzy Musi on Sunday, May 7, 2017

Get to know the Musi family

Lizzy and Patricia Musi have followed in their mother Elizabeth’s footsteps, who the Street Outlaws star describes as her “best friend.” She also says her mom is “tough as nails” and is always there for her, through the good and bad.

Elizabeth Agneti Musi is just as passionate about car racing as her daughters, and is often seen on the race track supporting them. Lizzy is also related to 8-time Pro Street World Champion Pat Musi.

Pat Musi Racing Engines power serious street cars and championship-winning racers. The man behind the business is Lizzy and Patricia’s father, showing just how prominent their roles are in the industry!

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