Love Is Blind: Amber Pike surgery revealed on Instagram - before and after pics!

Love Is Blind is a brand new series to Netflix in 2020. The streaming service loves to provide its viewers with some juicy romantic programmes – and that’s exactly what Love Is Blind is.

The series sees a group of candidates take part in a social experiment which sees them choose someone to marry without even seeing them.

The series has had viewers hooked since it first launched on Thursday, February 13th. Amber Pike is one of the stand-out characters of the series.

So, let’s get to know Love Is Blind’s Amber: Surgery to Instagram explored!

Screenshot: Love Is Blind Amber surgery – Netflix

Love Is Blind: Meet Amber Pike

Amber Pike is one of the contestants who appears on 2020 Netflix show Love Is Blind.

Six couples got engaged during the show, with Amber and her partner, Matt Barnett, one of them.


Amber hails from Augusta, Georgia originally and is 27 years old during the show.

It’s clear from the off that Amber has a bit of a wild side. In 2017, she took part in a Hooters bikini competition and won first place.

Amber on Instagram

Amber has a huge following on Instagram of around 82,000.

You can follow the Love Is Blind star on Insta under @atypicalamber. She’s also on Twitter under the handle @Atypical__Amber.

If you’re wondering what the name “Atypical Amber” is all about, it could point to Amber suggesting that she’s a bit unusual. Atypical, meaning unconventional or quirky, could be a word used to describe Amber as she certainly steps outside of the norm with her interests and career as a tank mechanic.

Has Amber had surgery?

Yes! Amber confirms in the comments of some of her 2020 Insta posts that she’s had surgery.

We can assume from the online conversations that she’s had a breast augmentation.

Fans of the Love Is Blind star complimented her body and asked the name of Amber’s surgeon. Amber replied, recommending her doctor: “Dr Edwin Pound in Atlanta, Ga. He’s phenomenal!”

Speaking to another commenter, Amber said:

I highly recommend doing plenty of research to find out what incision, placement, and implant type would be best for you, but I personally chose all the options I could to make them look and feel as natural as possible for my body type and I’ve certainly never had any complaints, but more importantly they made me feel more comfortable and I am extremely happy with them.

See Amber before:

Amber now:

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