Love is Blind: We found the treehouse from Lauren and Cameron's date - you can visit!

Love is Blind brings a whole new dating show concept to our screens in 2020. The Netflix show tries to figure out whether love really is blind.

Singletons file into pods in episode 1 where they can only talk to potential partners. Based on an emotional connection alone, the contestants have to make a decision that will change their lives forever.

Engagements take place and the couples go through all the motions of a ‘conventional’ couple, meeting the parents and trying out cohabiting. But the all-important final episode sees whether they’ll say ‘yes’ at the alter or bottle it at the last minute.

During the series, the couples go on dates, one of which was in a romantic treehouse. So, let’s take a closer look at the adorable treehouse date from episode 9.

Screenshot: Love is Blind tree house series 1 episode 9 – Netflix

Lauren and Cameron’s date

Episode 9 of Love is Blind sees each of the couples moving closer to their nerve-wracking wedding day.

The lovebirds go on some final dates before the big day including a helicopter ride. Cameron and Lauren head out to a very unique treehouse for their date.


Lauren said: “This is very Cameron-y. It’s like a little oasis in the forest.”

The pair had dinner and practised their first date during their stay.

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Where is the treehouse?

The treehouse seen on Love is Blind is located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

While Cameron hails from Lee, Maine, Lauren is originally from Detroit, Michigan but now lives in Atlanta. So, we can assume that the date venue was well in the region of where Lauren lives.

The entire Love is Blind series was filmed in Atlanta, aside from the couples break to Mexico which was specifically in Playa Del Carmen.

Screenshot: Love is Blind tree house series 1 episode 9 – Netflix

Can you visit the Love is Blind tree house?

Yes! The treehouse is actually an Air BnB. It’s called ‘The Alpaca Treehouse’.

Anyone staying at the treehouse has the whole place to themselves. Up to four people can stay there and its host is classed as a ‘Superhost’.

For two guests to stay for one night in April 2020, the treehouse costs around £400.

The treehouse description reads: “The Alpaca Treehouse is one of the most wish listed Airbnbs in the world, honored to be featured as on Episode 9 in Netflix’s “Love is Blind.”

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Screenshot: AirBNB Love is Blind treehouse




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