Love Island: 7 HILARIOUS tweets on Sam Bird's eyebrows

Love Island welcomed its latest Bombshell in episode 16, with super-cocky singleton Sam Bird making his nest in the villa.

The personal trainer from Norwich did so while rustling a couple feathers, however, causing widespread shock as he instantly took a swipe at Adam Collard for his ‘ladies’ man’ ways.

Complete with a set of eyebrows that are more of a mismatch than Hayley Hughes and Eyal Booker, here’s a character we’re not going to forget in a rush.

The bloody Bird Man…

1. Distant Cousins?

Twitter loved every moment Sam Bird was on screen, primarily because it gave continuous opportunities to find new and inventive ways of describing his odd-shaped eyebrows.

Let the obscurity begin…

Love Island: Sam Bird’s eyebrows – ITV2, series 4, episode 16

2. That Friends Episode

Remember when Joey attempted to draw on his own eyebrows with eyeliner?

Yeah, that’s our Sam.

3. Schmidty Boy

While we’re here, why not draw some comparisons of new-guy Sam to popular series New Girl.


All Sam needs is a kimono and some ‘hardcore parkour’.

4.  Sound Logic

At least some Love Island fans were attempting to summon a reason behind Sam’s eyebrows, opposed to just outright slating him.

This sounds about right…

Love Island: Sam Bird’s eyebrows – ITV2, series 4, episode 16

5. We Wonder If He Can Make Them Dance?

When it comes to party tricks, there’s only one thing we want to see (other than Wes drop his ‘massive wang’ in a pint glass).

Make them eyebrows groove, boy…

6. Close Up

Six tweets in and if you haven’t already got the memo yet, this close up of Love Island Sam Bird’s eyebrows helps to paint the perfect picture.

Who did this!?

7.  Room For One More?

With more than five weeks left before Love Island 2018 comes to a close -that’s right we’re not even halfway – surely someone in the villa is going to bring up Sam’s eyebrows.

Hopefully, this is at the forefront of their inquiry…

Love Island: Sam Bird’s eyebrows – ITV2, series 4, episode 16


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