It seems that getting a load of young couples to take care of crying babies for a day makes for great TV.

However, with Love Island 2018 now coming to a close, will the Islanders actually get a chance to take their relationship to the next level?

Let’s take a look back at how previous Love Island contestants got on as proud parents and speculate as to whether a baby challenge is actually going to happen in Love Island series four.

How would you explain Love Island to Aliens?

What Happened to the Love Island Baby Challenge?

In all three previous Love Island series, the baby challenge has been one of the most-watched episodes.

We can’t imagine that ITV2 producers would be stupid enough to the pull idea, meaning it should be coming soon.

Just hold on a little longer, okay!

Each year, the baby challenge has been added to the series at a later date. In series one, it started on episode 33, but by the 2017 edition and we didn’t hear all that kicking and screaming until episode 46.

Love Island 2018 is currently on episode 39 (Wednesday 18th July) meaning the baby challenge should be just around the corner.


Expect to see the Love Island baby episode sometime next week – likely to be on Friday or Sunday (29th July)!

S1 E33 Luis

What Happened in Previous Love Island Baby Episodes?

Series 1: Episode 33

Sickly sweet couple of 2015, Jon Clark and Hannah Elizabeth, were crowned the winners after taking care of baby Ocean.

They even took Ocean for a cheeky ciggy by the pool – you know, before smoking was banned from Love Island!

S2 E40 Jon and Hannah

Series One also featured Josh and Lauren, who paired up just as pals – they came last in this challenge.

Josh made it crystal clear from the get-go on how he felt about the challenge.

S2 E40 Josh

Series 2: Episode 40

Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey came in first place, with Cara proving to be a complete natural at this mum thing.

Two years later, they’re actual parents to a real baby named Freddie George.

S2 E40 Nathan and Cara

Stunning couple Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland faired pretty well in this one, too.

Then again, let’s face it, it wasn’t hard to watch Alex change, feed and rock a baby to sleep during series two – the big dreamboat!

S2 E40 Alex and Olivia

Series 3: Episode 46

Last year, Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes won the Love Island baby challenge.

It was a very emotional time for Chris, becoming a new dad to a… doll.

Baby Cash Hughes even ended up with his own Twitter page!

Series 3 episode 46 Chris and Olivia.

Who Would Succeed in Series 4?

Practically married-couple, Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham, would obviously smash the baby challenge.

Watching our very own Margot Robbie wannabe, sorry, Muggy Megan, change a nappy could get a few giggles, while we can only imagine the damage giving whinging baby Georgia Steel a real baby would do.

The series finale is fast approaching and time is running out to get a baby episode in, so fingers crossed it’s coming very soon.

How would you explain Love Island to Aliens?



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