Love Island 2018 summed-up in 26 irrelevant memes!

In the modern era of 2k18, there’s only one way to celebrate the end of Love Island.

Of course, it’s through the artistic brilliance of memes.

The U.K public has gone meme crazy over the past eight weeks, with everything from Georgia’s Steel’s mug to Megan Barton-Hanson’s baps slapped on a meme-creator app and given a funny title.

Here is Love Island series four, summed-up in 26 of the best/most irrelevant memes!

1. Paul Knops Superstar

2. Jack Fincham’s Curry Club

3. You Feeling Ok Wes?

4. For the Love of Birds!

5. These Cards Ain’t Loyal

6. Snakey Meg

7.  Classes Apart

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Still to Come Trailer | Bravo

8. Jack’s Relatable Yoga

9. Adam’s Collard’s Evil Power

10. Ewe. Eyal Booker.

11. This Guy!

12. Kid’s and Their Candy

13. Jack and That Poster

14. Alex George Swag

15. Laura Anderson’s Cheeks

16. Hearts Stopped

17. The Best Special Guest

18. Dr Alex’s Sunburn

19. Dr Alex in General

20. The Don Jack Fowler

21. Specsavers Glasses Wearer of the…

22. Megan’s Food Chain

23. This

24. Megan at the Altar

25. Never Look at Jack Fowler the Same

26. Imagine if He Stayed



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