Love Island 2018: Where does Dr Alex George work? Which hospital?

When Love Island 2018 finally finishes and the sun decides to turn its back on us, chances are that you’re going to bow out of summer in style.

But imagine winding up in A&E because you’ve had one too many vodka Red Bull’s or tried dancing on top of a glass-roofed bus stop, only to see Dr Alex George stood there, waiting to check your pulse.

With only a few weeks left in Love Island 2018, we thought it’d be a wise move to give you the info on Dr Alex’s usual whereabouts.

Where does the doctor work? Which hospital can I accidentally pop into?

And please can you make sure Grace Wardle is on-hand to feed me grapes and check my temperature?

Could we see a 24 hours in A&E with Dr Alex spin-off?


Where Does Dr Alex George work?

Right now, obviously Alex George is busy working on his flirting skills in the Love Island Majorca villa.

He is yet to pass any physical oral exams, though.

Back in the U.K and Dr Al works in a busy A&E department in Greater London.

Which Hospital is the Doctor At?

Alex George works on the A&E department at University Hospital Lewisham.

Dr Alex works flexible hours through the hospital’s ‘staff bank’ initiative, which is the reason he was able to book a solid eight weeks off.

A Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust spokesperson said: Like other NHS Trusts, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust offers temporary and part-time working opportunities through our ‘staff bank’. Staff on our bank are able to work flexibly, and receive NHS benefits (such as the NHS pensions scheme).”

What Did Alex George Study?

The 27-year-old is originally from Carmarthen, Wales, but studied medicine at the University of Exeter.

Although Alex is enjoying a strong run in Love Island 2018 he said that he would return to his usual work no matter what fame came his way.

Alex said: I absolutely love my job, I’ve worked since the age of 13 to get here and I go to work every day and I genuinely enjoy it.

I would probably go back and do it part time, if I could mix it with TV work I would. I think there’s probably room for a new TV doctor.”

Could we see a 24 hours in A&E with Dr Alex spin-off?



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