Love Island 2019, The Game has a confirmed release date and two insane new features!

Love Island 2019, The Game has a confirmed release date and two insane new features!

Love Island may be just around the corner but some fans are more interested in the game.

Sitting in front of the TV and watching a bunch of wannabe models pretend to fall in love is great, but sitting in front of the TV while putting yourself through all of the drama is even better.

Literally, who needs to apply for the ITV series when you have the Love Island game! Here’s everything you need to know about the release date and brand new features.

Screen Shot: Love Island game – Fusebox Games

When does the 2019 Love Island game hit the stores?

Monday, June 3rd, 2019.

Currently, the game is available to download from both iOS and Google Play.

However, the new content for season 2 of the game will be available from June 3rd, which coincides with the first day of Love Island 2019 on ITV.

What’s new on the game?

There will be new characters, storylines and episodes.

Of course, with the huge success of the first Love Island game, there will many similarities – expect the same villa, homepage layout and system based around earning gems.

However, Creative Director at Fusebox Games, Micheal Othen, revealed two very exciting secrets involcing new storylines that replicate the show.

Screen Shot: Love Island game – Fusebox Games

Michael exclusively told Reality Titbit:

I can confirm that there will be a Casa Amor interlude and there will be a babies challenges. It’s a big challenge to do Casa Amor because, of course, t really mixes up the villa and changes who’s with who. So it was a pretty big challenge for us to do, but I think the players will really love it!

New features for the Love Island 2019 game

Michael explained to Reality Titbit that season 2 would be “bigger and better”, confirming that the game will last longer than the original 13 episodes.

Instead, the game will be spread across 30 days.

Michael said:

We’ve got a fully customisable player, so you won’t have to choose from just four predetermined looks as before but you’ll be able to completely customise your characters face. We’ve got more content, so we have 90 episodes spread across 30 days.

How to play the Love Island game

If you’re new to the game then you can always test drive the season 1, as it still available to download from both the iOS and Google Play stores.

Nonetheless, the game is pretty easy to pick up.

You select a character and design them as you please – a bit like SIMS – before embarking on the typical Love Island journey.

Your task is to earn gems by flirting and making friends. You can then spend the gems on new outfits and earn enough points to go on dates, ensuring that you’re always the number one pick when it comes to the recoupling showdowns.

Rat out the liers from the true romantics and find your one true love as the game unfolds.

The best part is that with 100s of varying storylines, you could end up with anyone. You and your friends are unlikely to finish the game with the same partner!

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