When a group of good-looking twenty-somethings spend a summer together ‘doing bits’ is almost inevitable.

As of Love Island episode 13, things hotted up in the Spanish villa and Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart joined the ‘Do Bits Society’.

And while Curtis was very coy about what exactly happened between himself and Amy, it couldn’t have been clearer that something went down.

So, what exactly happened between Amy and Curtis and what on earth was Amy’s ‘finger face’?

Love Island: SR5: Ep4 on ITV2
Pictured: Amy

What Twitter has to say about Amy’s ‘finger face’

It’s only to be expected that Twitter would go into uproar at the sight of any form of sexual activity in the Love Island villa.

And it did just that when the night camera panned over the bedroom to see Curtis and Amy getting freaky under the sheets.

As the Islanders bedded down in episode 13, everyone was looking all cute and makeup-free and out of nowhere a shot of Amy’s face – mouth wide open – gets shown.

Twitter users took to their keyboards to express how much they didn’t appreciate Amy’s ‘finger face’, and that Amy deserved to get a “different kind of finger“.

Love Island: Amy’s ‘finger face’

Amy’s face said it all but to clear things up she mentioned her antics to the girls the next day.

Amy said: “I’m not going to go into detail. I will categorically not sleep with him in here.”

Curtis also sat down with the boys in the morning and said: “We’ve been cuddling in bed and everything. Our relationship is going very well. There may have been some, more than kissing.”

Thanks for an image we’ll never forget, ITV!


Screen Shot: Amy Hart Love Island 2019 – ITV2

Love Island: Curtis’ sex face

As if we hadn’t seen enough from Love Island 2019’s ‘mum and dad’, later in the episode during a group game around the firepit Curtis was asked to make his best ‘sex face’.

He said: “I channelled my inner sensual-ness” before making yet another face we can’t unsee.

In all fairness, Curtis was put under pressure and was partaking in a game.

Amy, on the other hand, can’t be excused…


Screen Shot: Love Island series 5 episode 13 – ITV2