Love Island Australia has officially made its way to the shores of Blighty. We’re sure everyone was still feeling blue post-UK Love Island, so we’re thrilled we now have an Aussie version to keep us going!

The guys and girls have already mixed and mingled (we’ve even had our first Love Island Australia kiss!), but the gals should be wary of one gentleman in particular.

Josh Moss is a self-confessed serial cheater.

That’s right, the rogue just cannot keep his hands away from the ladies – even when he’s fully committed to one.

Here’s all you need to know about Josh.

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Josh is a Serial Cheater

He seems almost proud of it, too.

Josh said: I have a medical condition that’s called a wandering eye. I could see a girl and fall in love with her, but I could fall in love with three other girls that same day.”

He’s admitted to cheating on multiple occasions and has even slept with some of his friends’ girlfriends. Josh has stated that he can’t help it because cheating is in his genes.

We can think of another term for that medical condition…

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What Is Josh’s Full Name?

Joshua is actually his full first name. Joshua. Josh-ua. ‘Josh’ is just the shortened nickname that has stuck.

His surname, meanwhile, is Moss. Do you think he has a brother? They’d be the Moss Bros.

This is as uncomfortable as it looks

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What Job Does Josh Have?

Josh is a Sports Administrator.

We’re honestly not sure what to say about this one. Thrilling.

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How Tall is Josh Moss?

Josh Moss stands at a rather underwhelming 178cm. That’s 5 foot 8 inches – well, ever so slightly over.

Ah well, they can’t all be 6 foot plus, eh?

How Old is Josh Moss?

Josh was born in 1993 and is 25 years old.

We aren’t sure what star sign he is but if we had to guess, we’d say Aries. Apparently, they are the most likely to cheat.

Who knew?

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How Does Josh Rate Himself?


Josh said: Looks, I’d give myself a 10/10. Personality, I’ll be more honest and say a 9.95/10.”

Clearly, modesty is one of Josh’s strengths.

What is Josh Looking For?

Well, in a fairly bizarre explanation, Josh revealed that he is not looking for a ham sandwich…

Josh said: Ham sandwiches are boring. Let’s put some mustard on there, some lettuce, tomato. Aioli sauce is good. Let’s fill the sandwich up.”

Um, okay.

We assume Josh is just utilizing a rather clumsy sandwich metaphor to describe what he wants in a girl rather stating what he’d like for lunch.

Josh explained that he is “looking for some substance”… maybe he should’ve just started with that.

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