Love Island is officially winding down by the end of February 2020. The first-ever Winter series kicked off from Sunday, January 12th on ITV2 and from what viewers are saying on social media, series 6 has been one of the most “positive” yet.

From Mike’s “game-playing” ways to Finn’s iconic rendition of ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’, the 2020 series really has been eventful.

While things have been switched up for the Winter edition – from the filming location to the presenter – many elements of Love Island have remained the same.

All of the Islanders could pass as models and they’re all repping some stylish clothes this year. So, can you buy Jess’ underwear?

Screenshot: Jess Love Island – ITV

Love Island: Jess dons lingerie

Episode 35 of Love Island saw Ched and Jess spend their first night together in the hideaway.

It’s become something of a Love Island tradition for couples to strip down to their best undies and show off in front of the group before skipping off to the private room.

And that’s exactly what Jess did, showcasing her toned bod and stunning lingerie for Ched, the Islanders and the rest of the nation.

Viewers react to Jess’ Hideaway reveal

It’s almost a requirement for applicants of Love Island to be stunning, toned and all-around model material.

And thankfully, Jess Gale certainly fits the bill there. The blonde bombshell was even asked during her time on the show whether she’d had surgery.


Twitter users came out in full force when Jess revealed her lingerie look in episode 35.

One viewer wrote: “How unreal did Jess look!

While another said: “You seen the lingerie and body.

Buy Jess’ underwear

The lingerie set, made up of a lace cut out bra and thong, is on sale for just £15.

Initially, the set was selling for £30 on I Saw It First.

Style-wise, the bra is underwired while the thong is high waisted. The set looks like it only comes in black, however, there are many more lingerie sets available online from I Saw It First.

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