Love Island 2020 is officially underway as of January 12th!

The long-awaited Winter series of the show is slightly different from the original series. It’s filmed in South Africa and hosted by Laura Whitmore.

But one thing that’s stayed the same is the fact that the contestants could have almost all have been models at some point.

The 25-year-old business owner is clearly a charmer when it comes to the ladies, and that’s not only down to his tan and tattoos, Connor’s teeth seem to be helping him out.

So, what’s the crack with Love Island 2020 contestant Connor’s veneers?

Screenshot: Connor Love Island veneers – ITV

Love Island: Connor’s teeth

Connor’s teeth were one of the main talking points on Twitter as he entered the Love Island villa in 2020.

Episode 1 of the series kicked off on Sunday, January 12th on ITV and welcomed Connor Durman as well as Callum Jones, Leanne Amaning, Sophie Piper, Ollie Williams, Shaughna Phillips, Jess Gale, Eve Gale, Nas Majeed, Mike Boateng, Paige Turley and Siânnise Fudge.

Connor’s veneers were a hot topic during episode 1 with many viewers commenting: “I can’t cope with Connor’s teeth.”

Others said: “Sophie needs to run far away from Connor.. too many red flags. Starting with his teeth” and “Can Connor not smile I’m scared of his teeth.

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Connor Durman: Veneers

Naked Barista owner Connor revealed during his Love Island introduction that he had his teeth done at a “random dentist” in Thailand.


The 25-year-old said he found the dentist online and flew out to have the teeth fitted.

According to, around 60% can be saved on the price of veneers by getting them done in Thailand.

There are obviously a range of dentists offering veneers in Thailand with many offering four and a half and five-star service.

What did Connor look like before?

A report from The Daily Mail shows photos of Connor pre-sparkly veneers.

By the looks of things, Connor had a great set of gnashers before, however, they’re now much straighter and there isn’t a gap in sight.

After the initial coupling up in episode 1, the girls discussed the boys. Sophie Piper said of Connor: “I like his tattoos, I like his vibe. He’s obviously got the veneers in.” Leanne Amaning added: “Have you seen teeth like it?”




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