Love Island: Dani Dyer's description sums up new guy Paul perfectly!

Love Island’s Paul Knops may be about to come out of his shell and claim the villa spotlight.

The model and carpenter from Bournemouth looked shy and timid during his solo appearance on Tuesday night’s episode (18th July 2018).

However, with Laura Anderson suddenly ushered onto the market by now ex-boyfriend Jack Fowler, it’s time for Paul to make his mark.

After all, he’s already got Dani Dyer fighting his corner!

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From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep45 on ITV2

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Pictured: Love Island Paul Knops in Beach Hut.

Disastrous Date

Bearded Paul was quiet and reserved during his big Love Island 2018 debut, although Georgia Steel didn’t really help.

G was thrust into a date with Paul moments after she had been forced into breaking up with Sam Bird – great start!

More than 10 years older than Georgia, the pair proved a complete mismatch on their date, with Georgia adamant that Paul’s job as a carpenter meant that he laid down carpets at Carpet Right.

Despite Paul’s best attempts at being polite and courteous – which has nothing to do with hanging curtains, Georgia – the date just didn’t work.

Enter Laura Anderson

Date two with Bombshell Laura Crane proved equally as flat and it was only a 10-second segment where we saw Laura Anderson and newbie Paul talking where audience felt like romance could be on the cards.

Mainly because Laura, 29, is no longer the oldest person in the villa thanks to 31-year-old Paul.

Trust us, these two will definitely recouple, because the public is desperate to see Laura’s heart on the mend!

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep45 on ITV2
Pictured: Love Island Paul Knops in Beach Hut.

Dani Dyer’s Approval

All you need to know about Paul Knops is that Dani has approved of him.

He’s essentially earned the stamp of approval from the top of the Love Island 2018 hierarchy.

Dani’s description of Paul as a person having known him for 10 minutes was absolutely beautiful.

Dani said to Laura, screeching in her usual shouty tone: Honestly Laur, hand on heart, I’ve got to say. I just feel like Paul’s a man… like he folds his washing, he’s just a nice man!”

Screen Shot: Dani Dyer on Love Island’s Paul Knops – ITV2, series 4

Dani continued on camera: I know for a fact that Jack is the type of guy who will break Laura’s heart. He’s at a completely different stage of his life, he wants to go out partying, he wants to go out clubbing – Paul’s folding his washing!  He’s got his own flat! He want’s to move forward with his life!”

Screen Shot: Dani Dyer on Love Island’s Paul Knops – ITV2, series 4

Dani finished by saying how she can’t win Laura around because she is so defensive of Jack, and if you say a bad word against him you get looked at “as if she is going to attack you”.



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