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Love Island: Debunking the rumours behind Sherif and Anton’s ‘fight’

The first couple of weeks of Love Island 2019 were looking pretty tame but as always some controversial moments have to play out on national TV.

As the series 5 Islanders couple up and get closer, newbies enter the villa to stir things up.

However on week two, a massive bombshell dropped on the show – one of the original Islanders, Sherif Lanre, was booted from the show unexpectedly on June 11th.

So why is everyone saying that Sherif and Anton had a fight? What happened?

Love Island: SR5: Ep8 on ITV2
Pictured: Anton

Sherif and Anton’s ‘fight’: The rumours

After the news broke that Sherif would be leaving Love Island, Twitter went into a frenzy suggesting a whole host of reasons that he could’ve been asked to leave the show.

It was said that Sherif broke a Love Island rule but that’s pretty vague as the rules cover everything from nudity to inappropriate language.

A screenshot emerged on Twitter on June 11th which was said to be of Sherif’s personal messages explaining that the reason he left the villa was because “Anton happened”.

Screen Shot: Sherif Lanre personal messages – Twitter

Did Sherif and Anton have a fight?

Although the ‘personal messages’ look pretty convincing, ITV2 has confirmed that Anton and Sherif did not have a fight.

They say the messages regarding Anton didn’t come from Sherif.

The reason for the 20-year-old’s departure still hasn’t been confirmed by ITV or himself.

It would have been quite extreme for Sherif and Anton to have had a fight in the villa as from what viewers saw of both characters, they seem like nice guys.

Some would say that Sherif was possibly one of the most chilled out Islanders going, and Anton made it crystal clear that he wants to get to know every girl in the villa, not just Sherif’s partner, Anna.

Why did Sherif leave Love Island 2019?

During Love Island episode 8, narrator Iain Stirling briefly mentioned half-way through that Sherif was leaving the show.

Multiple rumours are still flying around on the internet as to the real reason Sherif is gone.

But, it is yet to be confirmed why Sherif was booted from Love Island after just nine days.

Now, episode 9 sees the arrival of two new girls who are going to shake things up – Maura Higgins and Elma Pazar!

Love Island: SR5: Ep6 on ITV2
Pictured: Anna and Sherif chat.



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