Love Island: Does Priscilla have 20 siblings? Twitter reacts!

Love Island 2020 has been a rollercoaster of a series, to say the least. The first-ever Winter series kicked off from Sunday, January 12th on ITV2.

And with all of its OG Islanders bowing out of the series, some exciting newbies have graced the villa with their presence.

The Islanders often come out with some shocking facts about themselves, but this recent revelation from Priscilla might have just taken the biscuit.

Was Priscilla serious when she said she had 20 siblings on Love Island?

Priscilla Love Island 2020

Love Island: Does Priscilla have 20 siblings?

Episode 25 of Winter Love Island saw Priscilla and Mike playing a game of ‘two truths, one lie’.

Priscilla made three statements for Mike to guess which one of them was the lie and which were truths.

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She said: “Ok, two truths, one lie. I have 20 siblings, I have three tattoos and I’ve drowned.”

Mike replied: “Ok, so the lie is, you’ve drowned?”

Priscilla said: “No, I have drowned.”

Mike said: “So you’ve got 20 siblings.”

Priscilla then added: “So, I have almost, on my dad’s side.”

So, has she really got 2o siblings? Yes! According to Priscilla.

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Screenshot: Mike and Priscilla Love Island series 6 – ITV

Priscilla’s family

By the looks of Priscilla’s Insta page (@priscillaanyabu_), she’s very close to her mum.

The 25-year-old doesn’t look to have posted much to do with her dad or the 20 siblings she mentioned. But she’s certainly a family-oriented girl.

Priscilla graduated from Brunel University London in 2018 which looked to be a family occasion with her brother posing with her for a pic.

Twitter reacts to Priscilla’s ‘siblings’ comment

Both of Priscilla’s ‘truths’ were pretty gobsmacking – 20 siblings and the fact that she said she’d drowned.

However, Mike seemed relatively unphased by her comments. Twitter didn’t, though, with tonnes of viewers making light of their game.

One user wrote: “Why was it not a big deal yday that Priscilla has 20 siblings?”

Another said: “Priscilla talking about having 20 siblings is a typical Ugandan thing.”

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