Love Island: Fans in awe over Amber's weight gain in 'all the right places'

Love Island: Fans in awe over Amber's weight gain in 'all the right places'

We’ve all seen Anton Danyluk in the Love Island gym area, staring himself down in the mirror during pull-ups and sipping on his bottle of H20 like it’s rocket fuel.

Other contestants on series 5 have even commented on how the fitness fanatic and gym owner has maintained a strict diet while ‘on holiday’ in Majorca, sticking to fruit, veg and avoiding the cake and alcohol treats on offer from ITV2.

However, the outside weights room isn’t for everyone and while the guys have dominated the gym scenes we’ve rarely seen the female villa-mates getting involved, bar a light sparring session with Tommy Fury.

Yet despite this, Amber’s figure has seemingly improved, with her weight gain only applying to two certain areas.

Fans are jealous and bamboozled by the 21-year-old’s weight gain voodoo as she doesn’t do any no exercise, eats what she likes, yet has developed an even better physique.

Amber Gill in week 1

Amber was one of the original Love Island 2019 contestants and entered the villa on day 1 when the show launched on June 3rd.

She stunned audiences in a lime green bikini during the first leaked photos, with a tight and toned physique all around.

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep1 on ITV2.
Pictured: Anna and Amber.

Rumours of a bum lift

According to some viewers on Twitter, it has been suggested that Amber Gill has had surgery to enhance her body. Nonetheless, the Love Island star hasn’t spoken publicly about getting any work done.

The Sun reported that Amber had an operation for a noninvasive procedure before entering the villa. They say she underwent “Lipofirm Pro, to “lift and tone” her bottom.

The procedure costs £400 and is said to tighten, tone and contour the buttocks. Amber works as a beauty therapist so we’d imagine she gets a fair few treatments done. Whether she’s gone under the knife or not, we cannot confirm.

Amber in week 8

The Love Island 2019 final airs on Monday, July 29th.

This will mark eight weeks inside the villa, where alcohol is on tap most evenings and food is supplied by the ITV team – no picking and selecting exactly what you want to eat!

Wearing the exact same green bikini as in episode 1, Amber now somehow looks even better than before, boasting weight gain in her bum and boobs but nowhere else.

Fans on Twitter are in envy, with one user saying: “So Amber can only put on weight in the right places… breast and batty.”

Another added: “Ambers looking fluffy and scrumptious, the weight looks better on her.”

Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Amber weight gain

Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Amber weight gain




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