Love Island brings us its first-ever Winter instalment in January 2020. Episode 1 of everyone’s favourite dating show aired on Sunday, January 12th at 9 pm.

ITV is bringing out the big guns in 2020 with bombshells being unleashed on the villa episode after episode. The series 6 cast is made up of beauty consultants, policemen, scaffolders, PA’s and, of course, models.

Rebecca Gormley is the latest addition to the Cape Town cast and already she’s causing quite the stir.

But what’s really got fans of the show talking is the patch spotted on Rebecca’s leg. why is Love Island’s Rebecca wearing a plaster? And what is it for?

Screenshot: Love Island series 6 Rebecca – ITV

Love Island: Why is Rebecca wearing a patch?

It’s currently unconfirmed as to why Rebecca is wearing a patch plaster on her upper thigh.

However, we could assume that she is wearing a contraceptive patch or a nicotine patch.

Many women opt for a contraceptive patch over other forms of contraception as its replaced weekly rather than having to take a pill daily. Alternatively, if it is a nicotine patch, this would be due to Love Island’s no-smoking rules.

Viewers of Love Island took to Twitter in full force to suggest some reasons as to why Rebecca looks to be wearing a plaster.

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Twitter throws out some suggestions

Some Twitter users decided to throw some questions out there on social media following Rebecca’s arrival in episode 8. One wrote: “Why’s Rebecca got a plaster on her thigh?”

“Whats the patch on Rebecca’s right leg at the thigh? I thought it was a plaster but its square like a nicotine patch or something.”

“Can someone please tell me if this plaster on Rebecca’s leg is a nicotine patch?”

Another suggestion was that Rebecca’s patch could be a ‘smart patch’, which diabetics use to control their glucose levels. However, Twitter detectives have come to some conclusion about the plaster…

Is it the contraceptive patch?

Since the episode aired, most viewers – and experts who share the method of contraceptive – have come to the agreement that Rebecca is wearing a contraceptive patch.

Knowledgeable Twitter users replied: “It’s the Evra contraception patch I have the same one.”

“Rebecca repping the evra patch! underrated contraceptive that mind!”