To some readers, the title of this article may make very little sense.

However, to the trained social media user, the terms ‘Fiat 500’ and ‘Oluwajack’ are keywords that you see on the regular.

There is a war taking place on Twitter.

It’s the Love Island Fiat 500 gang vs, well, the world.

A History of Fiat 500 on Twitter

It was during the turn of 2018 when ‘Fiat 500’ started to surface on Twitter.

Celebrating the new year in classic cringe style, it seemed like the sheer volume of ‘new year, new me’ tweets formed the ‘Fiat 500’ concept.

The idea is built upon the generalisation that people who write tweets such as ‘new year, new me’ all drive the same car. In this case, a cheap to insure and millennial favourite, Fiat 500.

These are the type of tweets that put you into a ‘Fiat 500’ category.

Obviously, we got the tweets from Buzz Feed, cus where else do millennials get their hard-hitting news…

Fiat 500 on Love Island

Naturally, Fiat 500 members consider Love Island more of a religion than they do a half-scripted reality TV show that has no real similarities to finding love in the modern world.

This has created a lot of tension on Twitter.

An average of 3.4 million people have been tuning in to Love Island series four each night, with the chief age demographic 16-25 year-olds.

Therefore, some sections of Twitter have accused the ‘Fiat 500-ers’ of ruining the series with dubious voting choices.

They blame the ‘Fiat 500’ type for keeping Georgia Steel in the series for so long and failing to appreciate Kazimir Crossley and Josh Denzel.

Two Sides of the Fence

Heading into the Love Island final, scheduled for Monday 30th July on ITV2, at 9 pm, it appears that there are two sides of the fence.

Fiat 500 supporters will supposedly be rooting for Alex George and Alexandra Cane, and Wes Nelson and Megan Barton-Hanson.

©ITV Plc - love island clothing allowance

©ITV Plc – love island clothing allowance
Love Island: SR4: Ep47 on ITV2
Pictured: Alex’s frustration with Alexandra.

Anti-Fiat’s – so people who drive anything else – will be supporting Josh and Kaz and Jack Fowler and Laura Crane.

We have no idea where the rest of the contestants fall in this confusing and ridiculous split of opinion, which is based on stereotypical personality traits and how people present themselves on social media.

Welcome to 2018 #FML