Love Island 2019 really was a whirl. There were tears of joy, sadness and laughter throughout the ITV show which came to an end on July 29th.

The Love Island 2019 winners were announced at around 10:30 pm during the live final. It was Greg O’Shea and Amber Gill that managed to bag the £50,000 prize between them.

While tonnes of rumours circulated that the ITV show was fixed and that Tommy and Molly Mae were set to win, it turns out that the public had their say after all and everyone’s favourites were crowned the winners.

However, it looked as though Greg and Amber may not have been Maura’s favourites judging by her reaction. So, what was with Maura’s reaction to the winning couple during the Love Island 2019 final?
From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep18 on ITV2
Pictured: Maura overhears chat.

Love Island final: What was Maura’s reaction?

When Love Island host Caroline Flack finally announced the 2019 winners, Maura’s face seemed to turn sour.

While the whole villa was screeching with joy at Greg and Amber’s win, it was only Maura who seemed to have a shocked and unhappy expression on her face.

Runners up Ovie, India, Curtis, Tommy and Molly Mae all had huge smiles on their faces but Irish bombshell Maura looked less than impressed.

Maura’s Love Island final reaction on Twitter

Of course, not a thing goes unmissed with eagle-eyed Love Island viewers. Many took to Twitter to make mention of the fact that Maura did not seem overjoyed for Amber and Greg to win.

One Twitter user took to the internet to say: “Never knew Maura had a nasty side” with a trio of pictures showing her reaction face.

Another Twitter user wrote: “Why did Maura look so p***ed when they announced the winners”, and another said: “Why did Maura look so fuming when they announced the winners ?!”
Maura’s reaction Screen Shot: Love Island final 2019 – ITV2
Screen Shot: Love Island final 2019 – ITV2
Screen Shot: Love Island final 2019 – ITV2

Why would Maura be unhappy with Greg and Amber winning?

Viewers were absolutely baffled at Maura’s miserable face after Greg and Amber were announced the winners of Love Island.

Some stated on Twitter that they thought she was simply “bitter” while others suggested she was downright “nasty”.

We wouldn’t be able to say why Maura wasn’t beaming from ear to ear for her fellow Islanders. Perhaps she was really rooting for Tommy and Molly Mae?

It could have been that Maura was simply shocked at the result and her face said more than she meant to!

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep15 on ITV2
Pictured: Tom and Maura chat.



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