Love Island: How much is Charlie Brake worth? What's his job?

Love Island may have just said goodbye to Charlie Brake, although it seems like we never got to know the real Charlie B.

The 23-year-old from London was voted off alongside villa girlfriend Ellie Brown during Sunday night’s (July 15th, 2018) episode 36.

However, during his final bow, Charlie revealed a huge secret to his Island partner.

All we’re saying is that this was Ellie’s face…

Screen Shot: Ellie Brown reacts to Charlie Brake’s ‘billionaire’ revelation – Love Island, ITV2, series 4, episode 36

Charlie Brake is a Billionaire Heir

It’s true that Love Island’s Charlie is heir to a colossal pot of cash.

Charlie is part of the Brake family, making him heir to mega-rich food distribution company Brakes.

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His grandfather is the founder of the company, and they sold the firm in 2002 for £434 million.

Love Island: SR4: Ep29 on ITV2 – Charlie Brake and Ellie Brown

When the news broke to a very shocked Ellie, Charlie was caught telling her that “his family didn’t get all of the money.”

Still, according to reports, the deal resulted in Charlie and his two brothers inheriting around £80 million each.

That’s still quite a bit of money, Char!

What is Charlie’s Profession?

Charlie was subject to some serious ridicule when he first entered the Love Island villa, with some fans on Twitter ripping into him for his so-called ‘profession’.

He told the other Love Island 2018 contestants that he was a ‘socialite’, which was a seriously laughable offence considering nobody knew that he was a secret millionaire.

We literally thought that Charlie was unemployed and trying to sound posh!

What is a Socialite?

It is genuinely a real word, and by Oxford Dictionary definition it means the following:

A socialite is; a person who is well known in fashionable society and is fond of social activities and entertainment.”

Essentially, Charlie probably does very little in terms of paid work but hangs around in certain social circles to maintain business contacts and increase networking opportunities.

Ellie Brown’s Reaction

Ellie was rightfully shocked after finding out that her boyfriend is worth 1,600x more than the Love Island jackpot.

She teased and joked with Charlie about a couple of things, explaining on camera that she earns around £400 per month in comparison to Charlie’s family net worth of £400 million.

Screen Shot: Ellie Brown reacts to Charlie Brake’s ‘billionaire’ revelation – Love Island, ITV2, series 4, episode 36

Ells also came out with one of the quotes of the season, deciding that Charlie’s family cutlery was the best way to try and describe just how rich he was!

Ellie said, while fighting back hysterics: I bet all your knives and forks match!”

Although never a huge fan favourite throughout Love Island series four, the quote left Ellie bidding goodbye to the villa style.

Even the likes of series three star Montana Brown thought Ellie’s comment was hilarious.

Remember kids; if you have matching knives and forks, you’re in the category of billionaire rich!



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