Love Island LGBT series? The Love Island game proves there is a market!

Love Island is a reality TV series that is slowly taking over the world.

Since relaunching in 2015, the ITV2 series has continued to grow in popularity, doubling viewing figures and smashing TV network records along the way.

The culture has engulfed the U.K, where you can now buy Love Island merchandise from popular high street fashion chains such as Primark.

What next, eh?

Well, we will tell you what next… a LGBT version!

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep56 on ITV2

The True Love or True Lies? Formula

MTV launched a brand new reality TV series this summer, and it did surprisingly well.

Although most viewers were reluctant to move on from Love Island series 4 – and True Love or True Lies? had a limited market by airing on MTV Only –  those who did watch the series absolutely loved it.

Similar to Love Island, the show was all about finding love.

However, there were two key differences. Firstly, the couples were already matched up – some were real couples and others were fake.

Secondly, some couples were same-sex. The aim was to be inclusive of the LGBT community.

True Love or True Lies- MTV

This proved a big tick with the audience and added even more shocking twists and turns.

One of the couples that made the final, Shereece and Cameron, were not a real couple. In fact, Shereece wasn’t even straight!

As the couple were voted off, Shereece announced that she was a lesbian, and had a girlfriend at home waiting for her. Talk about a twist!

Love Island the Game

One of the most popular branches to stem from Love Island 2018 has been the Love Island mobile game.

Creators Fuseboxgames allowed game players to couple up with whoever they wanted.


This included LGBT storylines and was something that creative director Michael Othen was particularly proud of.

Michael said: For us, adding a LGBT storyline was really important. I think a game that applies to a mass audience should have a representation in them that can educate as well as inform.

Screen Shot: Love Island game – Fusebox Games

Having an LGBT storyline was really important for us and we are really proud of the positive response we had from fans. It’s probably been the highlight of creating the game.”

Love Island LGBT?

A Love Island series 5 has been confirmed to air in 2019.

Given the success of the current format, however, it seems unlikely that producers would change their winning formula.

A separate Love Island LGBT series could be the answer, with Love Island being lined up in several different countries as it continues to grow.

ITV2 are yet to confirm the second series of Survival of The Fittest, meaning there could be a gap for another similar reality TV show. Watch this space!



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