Opinion: Is Love Island's Ellie Brown the victim or attacker?

Somebody has ignited a volatile fuse inside of Ellie Brown. She described herself as a “cute psycho” before entering the villa and it’s finally beginning to show. But is she the victim or the attacker?

Ellie Brown has always been considered a bit of a throwaway character when it comes to the Love Island 2018 cast.

She’s provided nothing more than Geordie background noise and a squeaky blonde sideshow to the lead protagonists of Dani Dyer, Laura Anderon, Megan Barton-Hanson and Georgia Steel.

The 20-year-old from Newcastle strolled into the villa more than 21 days ago, although entering the game next to Zara McDermott, she never really found the limelight.

Clinging on to her slot in the villa bedroom via a false romance with Dr Alex George, and now sparking one of the dimmer relationships in the Love Island villa with Charlie Brake, you have to feel that Ellie’s time in series four was always coming to an end.

Yet in episode 30, she decided to thrust herself into the middle of a blockbuster action movie, hoping to become an overnight hero. There was no more sitting around with Samira Mighty and a big bag of popcorn, watching arguments unfold.

Ellie fiercely reacted to the way Georgia handled her date with Jack, losing her cool in the kitchen and tearing into Georgia for her “I’m loyal, you can trust me” conversation with Laura.

It turned vicious, malicious and ended with El calling her enemy an “ugly c***T”.

Cue a top up of sangrias and a change of bikinis… the same argument ensued.

Ellie has put all of her eggs into one basket. Her only chance of survival is dependant on whether the general public can justify her verbal outburst, viewing her attack as an act of heroism.


It’s not going to happen.

We fully expect that Georgia’s five-day fall from grace will continue, as she proceeds to plummet from national icon to spoilt little brat.

Immature. Irritating. Vindictive. And wait for it, not actually very loyal.

However, with Georgia able to squeeze the last drops of sympathy from the ‘Josh Denzel-dumped-me’ factor, Ellie is more likely to become the fall girl.

Even the most hardcore video evidence, analysed by Caroline Flack with freeze frames and Match of the Day squiggly arrows, won’t be enough to save Ellie Brown.

Laura Anderson is the only true victim left, yet she takes everything in her stride with calmness and accountability, only highlighting the flaws in Ellie’s truculent nature.

Ellie is both the victim and the attacker.

But regardless of this, she never built a strong enough backstory to save her from eviction.

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