Love Island 2019 star Ovie Soko is quickly becoming an ITV fan favourite after entering season 5 as a Bombshell contestant in the Casa Amor episodes.

The 6ft 7 professional basketball player was initially coupled up with Anna Vakili, although he lost her on return to the villa to her former partner on the show, Jordan Hames.

Fans are begging for Ovie to couple up with Amber Gill. His supportive ways and his hilarious sense of humour make him a favourite of the 2019 show. That, and he’s pretty damn rich.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ovie’s professional basketball salary and his true net worth.

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Pictured: Ovie Soko.

Who is Okie Soko?

Ovie is a professional basketball player from England, although he currently lives in Spain playing pro-Bball for Murcia.

The 28-year-old learnt his trade in the USA, playing basketball at the University of Alabama. Following graduation, he was almost drafted for the 2014 NBA season but narrowly missed out.

While Ovie may have never been LeBron James rich, drafting into the NBA would have earned him some serious dollar. The average player wage in the NBA ranges from £1-5 million per year.

To be fair, if Ovie made the NBA cut, there’s no way he would have ended up on Love Island!

Ovie reacts to the headline challenge

Ovie’s salary came into question during episode 50 when the crew were playing a tense Headline Challenge game.

The 6ft 7 giant was visibly upset by the fact a newspaper headline read that India Reynolds was only with him “for the money”.

Ovie explained that the headline hit home hard because it was something he had experienced before:

Cos’ I’m an athlete women have come after me for my money. To have money bruv, it’s lonely as f***.

Ovie was clearly upset by what was revealed during the challenge

Screen Shot: Love Island series 5 episode 50 – ITV2

Later, Ovia sat down for a chat with Amber and added: “Today’s challenge threw me out. It triggered something for me, its a lot deeper than people would realise.”

As a basketball player, 90% of the things I wouldn’t change about my job for the world. But the only thing I would change is just the fact that people use you a lot”.

He added that in the basketball industry you’re seen as “discardable” saying: “They’ll use you then they’ll throw you away”.

Ovie Soko: Salary

Having narrowly missed out on the glamorous world of American basketball, Ovie moved to France to play the sport he loves. He then moved onto Greece before winding up in Spain, where he has played in the country’s top division since 2017.

The 6ft 7 giant has faced the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona and was named in the European Basketball Champions League Star Lineup in 2017.

It’s believed that his direct salary from basketball alone is in the region of £100,000-£200,000 – if not more!

However, this is before sponsorship deals, modelling (which Ovie does on Instagram), fees for playing for Great Britain and now, Love Island fame.

Spain is one of the top-paying Europeans leagues with Real Madrid star Sergio Llull earning in the region of £1.5 million per year.

Ovie Soko: Net Worth

Net worth is something completely different to salary and doesn’t indicate how much a person earns.

Instead, it refers to a players value in terms of their professional performance, sponsorship deals, marketability and how much a transfer for one club to another may cost.

The Tab claim that Ovie’s net worth could be $35 million US dollars although this is ridiculously way off the marker considering the 28-year-old was not named in the EuroHoops top 100 European players of 2018/2019.

Sergio Llull, who was ranked number 2 on the list, had a net worth of $18 million.

And, to put this into perspective, English international footballer and Manchester City superstar Raheem Sterling only has a net worth of £36 millionthere is no way Ovie is anywhere near the value of an player!

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Ovie mixes in a little bit of modelling alongside his basketball, revealing a fully-tatted upper body when the sweaty Basketball vest comes off!