Love Island: Psychologist analyses Maura's sex confessions - only five?

Love Island 2019 episode 15 saw the gang spilling the sexual beans in a game of kiss and tell.

Slouched by the poolside on those bright coloured bean bags, Tommy Fury instigated a conversation with Maura Higgins about how many people she had slept.

Needless to say, Maura’s answered shocked not only the viewers at home but had Molly-Mae’s jaw dropping to the ground in astonishment.

So, was Maura telling the truth? And what about Molly-Mae and Amy Hart’s sex number confessions?

Reality Titbit psychologist Silja Litvin has analysed the scene to give you the scoop.

Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Molly-Mae

What happened in episode 15?

Most Love Island series have seen the gang openly discuss sex how many sexual partners they’d had. And when we say openly, we mean that quite a few of them clearly lie through the skin of their teeth!

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Episode 15 saw Tommy randomly and bluntly ask Maura: “On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like sex?”

It was here where Maura opened up about her previous long-term relationships – one of which a nine-year romance where she had a fiance – adding that she’d slept with five people in total.

Maura said:

Well I’ve only slept with five people so… I swear on my life. Hello, I was in a nine-year relationship and a two-year relationship, how could have I slept with any more?

Molly looked at Maura in shock and disbelief, adamant that Maura would have slept with more people due to her raunchy and forward nature in the villa.

So who was telling the truth? Has Maura really only slept with five people and what about Molly-Mae’s answer of 11?

Love Island psychological analysis

Our psychologist, Silja Litvin, believes that Maura’s relaxed posture and physical behaviour regarding the question is evidence that she was telling the truth.

Silja said:

Maura appears to be telling the truth. Her posture is relaxed, and she has a good explanation as to why her count is ‘low’.

However, there were parts of Maura’s story that perhaps don’t add up.

As the conversation moved on, Maura jumped back in adding a sixth, claiming that she’d also slept with a girl.

Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Maura Higgins

Silja said: “If any lying is involved, I would take a closer look at Maura’s sudden addition that she went home with a girl – she may have added that info to spice up her story and pique the guys’ interest.

“Catering to this (lesbian) fantasy is an easy way to seem more adventurous without feeling threatening to the men by having had too many past partners.”

Molly-Mae chips in

Caught by the surprise by Maura’s ‘low’ numbers, Molly-Mae appeared flustered when the question came back to her.

Our psychologist believes that perhaps both Amy and Molly were lying about having slept with 11 people due to the issue of slut-shaming on TV.

Silja said:

Most women cut the number of partners they say they’ve slept with, and it is possible that both Amy and Molly are a victim of that social stigma, and may be underrepresenting the number of partners they have had.


Disclosure: Please be aware that it is hard to ‘read’ body language in order to detect lies, even when you have had years of training and can decoded micro-expressions with the help of milli-second video frame steps. My feedback is an educated guess based on my education and common sense


– Psychologist Silja Litvin

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