Love Island 'sex reveal': Psychologist on who lied about their numbers!

Love Island 'sex reveal': Psychologist on who lied about their numbers!

Episode 19 of Love Island revealed how many people each of the series four contestants had slept with.

Producers dug the dirt as they set up a Q&A style game, with each of the Love Island 2018 contestants having to guess how many people their partner had slept with.

We spoke to Silja Litvin, a clinical psychologist and founder of emotional fitness game eQuoo, to get a professional reading on who may have been lying about their sex numbers.

Group Pressure

Psychologist Silja explains that the likelihood of Love Island contestants telling the truth was altered because of the situation.

The number of people each of them confessed to having slept with could have been significantly lower or higher than they admitted because of the social pressure of opening up in front of a group.

Silja said: When talking about sexual partners in a group that isn’t a ‘safe-zone’ of lifelong trusted friends, you probably won’t get real partner-counts.”

Silja explained that the guys would have hit a conundrum where they wanted to “show off in front of the other men” but didn’t want to put off their partner.

Alex, 30 Sexual Partners: LIE

Audiences were shocked when Alex George revealed that he had slept with 30 different partners.

Even villa girlfriend Ellie Brown only guessed nine!

However, psychologist Silja believes that the 27-year-old doctor was lying, and she could tell from his fidgety body language.

Ellie knows Alex a bit now, and probably made her assumption based on his shyness or awkwardness around her during intimate moments.”

Love Island sex reveal: Contestants tell us how many people they have slept with – Alex George – ITV2, series 4

It’s hard to read Alex’s facial expression because of the blinding sunlight, but the way he presses his lips closed and looks down straight after showing his number may indicate a lie. He doesn’t dwell on the disclosure and seems quite uncomfortable with the situation.”

Jack, 50 Sexual Partners: LIE

Jack Fincham explained that he had slept with 50 different people; later adding that he had bedded “about 30 more” during a diary room confession.

Psychologist Silja believes that Jack was telling the truth at first, before lying as he added numbers in attempts to keep pace with Adam Collard; who had previously admitted to sleeping with 200 people.

I would actually guess that Jack’s first reveal (50) was closest to the truth and that he lied in the private video room later. Men are under a lot of pressure to show virality and often judged upon their ability to ‘score’ sexual encounters.

Love Island sex reveal: Contestants tell us how many people they have slept with – Jack Fincham – ITV2, series 4

The way Jack’s eyes flicker around could indicate that he is making up the lie as he goes along. My best guess is that Adam’s count of over 200 partners made Jack re-evaluate his disclosure, before he felt the need to make the score higher.”

Adam, 200 Sexual Partners: LIE

Psychologist Silja was as shocked as all of us when Adam Collard announced he had slept with 200 people.

The fact that villa girlfriend Zara McDermott guessed the number spot on arises some questions, however.

Psychologist Silja has some general concerns for Adam whether he was lying or not.

So, this is an interesting one. Adam’s girlfriend knew that he had had 200-ish sexual partners, which means he must have told her before. I see two scenarios: 1) Adam has serious self-esteem issues and is trying to over-compensate by lying about his sexual conquests.”

Love Island sex reveal: Contestants tell us how many people they have slept with – Adam Collard – ITV2, series 4

 2) He has actually slept with over 200 partners at 22, which strongly indicates a sex addiction. If I were his friend, I would gently urge him to seek counselling in either case, so he can have fulfilling and loving relationships in the future.”


Silja Litvin

Silja Litvin is a clinical psychologist and founder of eQuoo, the emotional fitness game that teaches it’s players how to get the psychological skills needed for successful relationships.

Disclosure: Please be aware that it is hard to ‘read’ body language in order to detect lies, even when you have had years of training and can decode micro-expressions with the help of milli-second video frame steps. My feedback is an educated guess based on my education and common sense.

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