Love Island fans have patiently been waiting for the first-ever Winter edition to air in 2020.

January 12th brought us episode 1 of the series which revealed who the islanders were for the series based in South Africa.

There’s always one Love Islander who’s dated someone famous. The first Winter series features one of Lewis Capaldi’s exes as well as Shaughna Phillips who mentioned that she has a footballer ex.

So, let’s take a look at who Shaughna’s footballer ex could be!

shaughna love island footballer ex

Shaughna Love Island footballer ex Screenshot: Aftersun – ITV

Love Island: Who is Shaughna’s footballer ex?

Democratic services officer Shaughna revealed during episode 1 of the series that her second boyfriend was a footballer.

Shaughna said: “My second relationship, I was just tired of being his mum. I taught him how to tie his shoelaces and for a footballer, I’m sorry, that’s got to be one of your basic skills.”

The South London beauty didn’t quite reveal the footballer’s identity and there aren’t any clues on social media at the moment.

Viewers of Love Island took to Twitter to mock Shaughna’s footballer comment: “Anyone reckon Shaughna went out with a footballer…..?”

Another suggested that Shaughna’s ex wouldn’t be anyone too famous: “It be someone like me who played Sunday league, Not anyone higher than that.”


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Shaughna’s relationship history

Episode 1 of Winter Love Island saw Shaughna pair up with Mancunian Callum Jones.

The 25-year-old said she normally goes for younger boys, so Callum was in luck.

While chilling with Callum on the beanbags, Shaughna revealed that she’d previously dated a scaffolder.

Shaughna asked whether Callum had ever cheated for him to reply that he’d never had a girlfriend before!

What is her ‘type on paper’?

Entering Love Island, Shaughna had been single for 18 months.

She said she was looking for love, open to love and asked “what could go wrong?” during her first appearance on the show.

The 25-year-old explained to the girls that she had previously been cheated on by an ex and was looking for “the opposite of what I attract”.

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