Love Island: The MOMENT zen Eyal turned into angry Eyal
Angry Eyal Booker - Love Island, series 4, episode 10

Love Island: The MOMENT zen Eyal turned into angry Eyal

Episode 10 of Love Island saw angry Eyal Booker harness his positive zen energy and fire it at the rest of the villa boys like it was a Hadouken move from Street Fighter.

Secrets in the Majorca villa never last long, and Eyal blew his lid after finding out that the rest of the guys had formed a plot against him.

Not good vibes.

Not good vibes at all.

Hold My Friendship Bracelet

Eyal booker is definitely the sort of guy who wears friendship bracelets and vows to never take them off.

However, after villa girlfriend Megan Barton-Hanson revealed that the other boys had schemed against him, those friendship bracelets were heading straight to Eyal’s eco-friendly compost pot.

Megan said: All the other boys, they kind of had a little mission to get you distracted so that he (Dr Alex) could come over to me.”

Let Me Harness My Energy

So, what did Eyal do?

Roughly seven seconds after that statement and seemingly immediately after coming out of the villa diary room, Eyal marched over to the entire group of guys and told them he wanted a word.

Ooh, scary…

Eyal went from polite and controlled to angry and aggressive pretty damn quick, however, diving in with what he had to say.

There’s no beating around the bush with Eyal…

Feel The Negative Energy

Eyal continued by bringing up the fact that the boys had “mugged him off about his beliefs” and “sat there with a plan to take Megan off him”.

The boys did lure Eyal away so Alex could talk to Megan, but as Dr Alex previously said: “recoupling doesn’t make someone your property.”

Eyal really did let rip, with Jack Fincham’s grimace the best way to describe how awkward the affair was…

Eyal continued his ran – adding that he’s not an angry person along the way – before finishing off by storming to the kitchen then bedroom where he could continue his big emotional strop.

Someone needs another yoga class…

The rest of the villa reacted like Rosie Williams, while Twitter also had little sympathy for Eyal.

Thoughts were more along the lines of ‘calm down, dear’…

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