The competition may have taken a few weeks to do so, but things are finally hotting up during week 4 of Love Island 2019.

Original Islanders have been booted out and others saved by the skin of their teeth.

Episode 19 saw another recoupling go down and another Love Island singleton pack their bags and head on home.

But viewers weren’t as fussed about who was booted from the villa but more so about what was said to her during her exit.

So, who was it that said ‘Bye Felicia’? Was it to do with a text and why was it said?

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Love Island: SR5: Ep1 on ITV2
Pictured: The Islanders, Sherif, Lucie, Anton, Amy, Anna, Yewande, Amber, Michael, Callum and Joe.

Love Island: Who said “Bye Felicia”?

Episode 19 of Love Island series 5 saw Yewande Biala leave the show.

The original Islander was dumped after Danny Williams chose to save Arabella Stanforth over her.

On Yewande’s exit, someone harped: “Bye Felicia”. Viewers have taken to the internet to say they think it was Maura Higgins who made the comment although others suggested it was Yewande herself.

Twitter users came out in full force to make a point that the phrase was aimed at Yewande as she left the villa.

Many branded the use of the phrase ‘disrespectful‘.

Why was ‘bye Felicia’ mentioned on Love Island episode 19?

The mentioning of the phrase during Yewande’s departure wasn’t the first time it had been said in episode 19.

Earlier in the day when the news of a recoupling was announced Maura shouted: “I’ve got a text!” and proceeded to read out the message which ended “hashtag Bye Felicia!”

The repetition of the phrase could have been due to the earlier mentioned hashtag or it could have been a well-used phrase among the Islanders already.

When Maura shouted out the hashtag some of the girls repeated the phrase so perhaps it could be something which is often said in jest.

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Where does the phrase ‘bye Felicia’ come from?

According to Urban Dictionary ‘Bye Felicia’ is an expression used to dismiss someone deemed unimportant or irrelevant.

Rapper Ice Cube can be thanked for the dismissive phrase. It’s said to come from the 1995 American crime comedy film Friday.

‘Bye Felicia’ can be used in a number of different contexts, it’s well known for being used on TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race.