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Love Island to air first-ever Valentine's Day episode - four things we hope to see!

February 14th is just around the corner and this year marks the first-ever Love Island Valentine’s Day episode.

The South African villa will be greeted by cupid as the most romantic time of the year takes a grip of reality TV’s most romantic show.

We’re sure ITV2 have something big planned and nothing has been confirmed yet, here are some Valentine’s Day-themed challenges we would love to see happen within the villa.

Screenshot: Love Island S6 E21 – ITV Hub

Send Cupid into the villa South Africa 

Cupids are a well-known Valentines symbol and could inject some much-needed romance within the villa – you know, to stop everyone from trying to kill one other.

Whether as a physical representation (like when Nas dressed as cupid for the heart monitor challenge) or as an overall theme to the Vila (Cupid taking over the texts for the day) this would be a great way of incorporating the holiday of love within the show.

The cupid theme could also translate well into a challenge. We would love to see Islanders tasked with popping heart-shaped balloons with a Cupid’s bow and arrow, where questions fall out of the balloons.

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

Writing love letters

Next is a throwback to school days where passing a love letter under the desk was the ultimate statement of commitment.

Why not have the Islanders write love letters to each other?

Sure, Luke T and Luke M’s letter would probably be the most romantic but we’d still like to see the rest give it a go.

The Islanders could then vote on who they thought wrote the most romantic letter with the winning couple send on a date outside of the villa.

A challenge of compatibility

It’s all well and good finding someone to couple up with within inside the villa but how compatible are the Islander couples in real life?

One popular theme for 2020 Valentines is astrology and star signs. We’d love to see ITV producers open a can of worms by explaining the couples’ star signs and what it means about their compatibility.

Valentines Day around the fire pit

The fire pit is at the heart of every Love Island episode. Whether it’s a recoupling or a challenge, it’s an iconic landmark within the show.

We’re all used to seeing the Islanders play truth or dare around the pit but a bae-day twist could involve Islanders having to take turns to hit a heart-shaped piñata filled with truth or dares cards.

Oh, and before you leave a comment, we know these ideas are sick and that we should be working on ITV production!



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