Love Island tonight: 5 things that are going to kick off!

Life in the Love Island villa gets more dramatic by the day.

Eight couples now remain, after singletons Georgia Steel and Wes Nelson snapped up Sam Bird and Megan Barton-Hanson in episode 28’s (Thursday 5th July) recoupling.

However, their choices are set to cause serious repercussions, with not everyone in the villa impressed by Georgia and Wes’s actions.

Sh*ts about to get real…

1. Alex Miller Stirring the Pot

When something as dramatic as a recoupling happens, Love Island producers make sure they savour every moment of the aftermath.

You may have expected the evicted Adam Collard, Darylle Sargeant, Ellie Jones and Alex Miller to be immediately chaperoned out of the villa doors, but that would have meant less drama.

Alex is set to go out with a bang having been mugged off by Wes and his glasses.

Episode 29 will feature Alex confronting both Wes and Megan, while also stirring the pot by bringing Laura Anderson into the equation.


Hold on tight!

2. Ellie Brown Losing Her head

We’ve never seen miniature model Ellie Brown raise her voice above the decibel level of whispers so far in Love Island.

However, during Friday (7th July) night’s episode 29 she clashes aggressively with Georgia Steel.

There are no hints as to why these two would suddenly turn on one other, although it looks like a tasty affair either way.

Round one, ding-ding!

Georgia said: Ellie, you need to f*cking pipe down.”

Screen Shot: Ellie and Georgia argument – Love Island tonight, episode 29, series 4

3. Megan Barton-Hanson Confronting Laura

It’s going to be an action-packed 60 minutes as Megan Barton-Hanson confronts Laura Anderson on her comments about Wes.

Megan confronts Laura saying “why try to be my friend?”, while Laura swings back, bringing up that time Megan snatched Wes out of her hands.

Laura shouts at Megan: Don’t f*ckin double-standard me.”

Screen Shot: Laura and Megan fight – Love Island tonight, episode 29, series 4

4. Laura and Georgia’s Beef

It’s set to be a rollercoaster ride for Laura over the next few episodes with Georgia Steel also causing friction in their friendship.

Georgia took Laura’s villa boyfriend, Jack Fowler, on a date, where she leant in for two kisses.

Undoubtedly, the news will eventually filter back to Laura – with her blood already boiling from an argument with Megan.

Love Island: SR4: Ep29 on ITV2 – Jack Fowler and Laura Anderson

5. Samira Mighty’s Dirty Looks

Samira Mighty was dishing out the dirty looks during Thursday night’s episode 28, although no-one is sure who they were aimed at.

During the final eviction, Samira uttered “he deserves better than this”, with Alex Miller, Adam Collard and Sam Bird the three men in line to get the chop.

Samira also pulled this face as Georgia picked Sam Bird.

Screen Shot: Love Island tonight, Samira Mighty face – ITV2, series 4, episode 29

What the hell is going to happen?

Is Samira about to have a Smackdown-style showdown with someone?



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