Love Island USA episode 2: Who did Kyra Pick? What happens to Caro now?

Fans of Love Island USA weren’t left disappointed as the first-ever American series of the famous show kick-started at an alarming rate.

As we’ve witnessed in every Love Island series, episode 1 saw the group of stunning girls and guys couple up following an awkward line-up of who fancies who.

And, as always, a single Bombshell contestant was thrown into the villa to spice things up.

Kyra Green was the name of the floating singleton causing all of the drama in ep 1 as she flirted with almost all of the five men in the villa and caused friction between the girls ahead of the first re-coupling episode (Wednesday, July 10th).

So, who did Kyra pick? Which couples already look strong? And what is going to happen in episode 3?

Meet Kyra Green who is looking for love this summer on LOVE ISLAND.

What went down in episode 1?

Episode 1 saw the forming of five initial couples;

  • Caroline ‘Caro’ Viehweg and Cashel Barnett (team c&c)
  • Alana Morrison and Yamen Sanders
  • Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli
  • Alexandra Stewart and Michael Yi
  • Mallory Santic and Weston Richey

Kyra Green was left single and free to flirt with whoever she wanted, admitting to the other girls that she had strong feelings for Weston and Cashel while also fancying Zac and Yamen.

So pretty much everyone!

Whichever man Kyra picks is sure to have repercussions although her decision really will fire shots should she choose Cash. Caro quickly asserted her position with Cash as they snuggled up close in bed together and even shared a kiss just hours after first meeting.

At this moment, Cash mentioned that he had spoken with Kyra in a one-on-one situation and Caro literally jumped on top of her man, wrapping her legs around his waist like a python.

This left plenty of Love Island USA fans a little scared by Caro’s immediately possessive actions.

What happened in Love Island USA episode 2?

The second episode aired on CBS at 8 pm on Wednesday, July 10th.

Here, there was the first recoupling of the series.

Kyra was given the chance to pick any man she wants to couple up with while the others also had the opportunity to trade places.


Who did Kyra Pick?

Kyra shocked everyone as she picked Caro’s man, Cashel, at the recoupling.

She said:

What attracted me to this boy is he doesn’t care what other people think. So the boy I want to couple up with is Cashel.

Viewers were shocked that Kyra had the confidence to break up the closest couple in the villa and Caro looked visibly distraught during the recoupling, adding that what Kyra had done was “ridiculous” during a private on-screen chat.

What happens to Caro?

It all comes down to Friday night’s episode 4.

Cashel and Kyra will get to go on a date while two new male Love Island USA contestants will enter the villa in episode 3,.

Then, in episode 4, there will be another recoupling. The person that isn’t selected for a couple will be eliminated from the show, meaning at this point it will be Caro unless she finds a connection with one of the new cast members or manages to break-up an already formed couple.

Latest couples:

  • Kyra Green and Cashel Barnett (team c&c)
  • Alana Morrison and Yamen Sanders
  • Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli
  • Alexandra Stewart and Michael Yi
  • Mallory Santic and Weston Richey


  • Single: Caroline ‘Caro’ Viehweg
  • Bombshell entry: Cormac Murphy
  • Bombshell entry: Dylan Curry




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