Love Island USA launched on Tuesday, July 9th with 11 stunning contestants entering the swanky villa in Fiji.

Alana Morrison joins the likes of Kyra Green and Mallory Santic as the four-week competition to find a compatible lover gets underway.

Brunette beauty Alana is one of the youngest on the first-ever series of the popular American dating show, which broadcasts every weeknight on CBS.

Who will Alana couple up with? Is she playing a game? And what is she really like on the outside world? Here’s everything you need to know about Alana Morrison from her age to job, Instagram and hidden gossip.

Meet Alana Morrison who is looking for love this summer on LOVE ISLAND USA.

Meet Alana Morrison who is looking for love this summer on LOVE ISLAND USA.

Who is Alana Morrison?

Alana is a 21-year-old student and the joint youngest on the show alongside Caroline Viehweg.

She is from New Haven, Connecticut, and is a college student. It’s believed that she has schooled at Achievement First Amistad High School from a young age.

According to her CBS profile, the Alana has never had a proper boyfriend and can’t wait to get into the Love Island USA villa to meet a funny and goofy guy.

Her celebrity crush is Odell Beckham Jr.

Alana the aspiring musician!

Alongside her studies, Alana is an aspiring singer and model. She even has her own song on Soundcloud and regularly models for fashion shoots.

Her song doesn’t sound like a cheap and easy production, either, and was written by Alana herself. Perhaps Love Island USA is just a platform to bigger things?

Is the Love Island USA star on Instagram?


Alana is one of the more difficult Love Island USA star’s to track down on Insta’ although you can find her at @simplyy_alana. She starts her reality TV journey with just under 10,000 followers.

Alana has already won floods of fans on the ‘Gram thanks to her hilarious pre-Love Island interview where she discussed a range of quirky flirting techniques that included finishing every sentence with a rhetorical question.

We love this girl!

How to watch Love Island USA

The first-ever series of Love Island USA will air on CBS every weeknight at 8 pm. Episodes will also go straight to the CBS All Access media player.

Canadian viewers can watch the show through CTV.

However, UK fans will have to miss out on the action altogether. To access the CBS All Access player and watch TV shows you need a verified USA credit card.

Some articles will point towards a VPN tool. However, even if you have a VPN tool you will be unable to bypass the payment section unless you have a working American card.