Winter Love Island was brought to our screens in 2020 for the first time ever.

All the same events took place during the series including the controversial Casa Amor episodes, the baby episodes and the majorly awkward recouplings.

In late February, it comes to the time where things on Winter Love Island are started to get more lovey-dovey than ever before.

In the run-up to the final, which airs Sunday, February 23rd, each couple seems to be getting more serious. Series 6 episode 34 of Love Island 2020 saw Mike and Priscilla head out on a safari date.

Screenshot: Love Island Mike and Priscilla – ITV

Mike and Priscilla head out for a safari

Episode 34 of the 2020 series saw each of the couples head out for their last date of the show.

Each time the phone tone rang, and the “message” phrase shouted across the villa, it became clear that, pair by pair, the Islanders would be going out.

First up, was Mike and Priscilla who were woken up in the early hours to head out on a safari.

Mike was super excited as he’d been wanting to see The Big Five while in South Africa. And Priscilla seemed equally as hyped as the pair skipped with joy out of the villa for their date.

The pair were in especially high spirits by the end of the date as Mike officially asked Priscilla to be his girlfriend!

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love island mike and priscilla safari

Screenshot: Love Island 2020 Mike and Priscilla – ITV

Love Island: Was the date real?

Often the Love Island dates are pretty straight-forward, Demi and Luke M went for a bike ride, Shaughna and Jamie went for a glass of wine and Jess and Ched had a simple barbeque.

However, Mike and Priscilla’s date was up there with some of the best we’ve seen on Love Island.

After their safari, the pair sat down with a mountainous backdrop which looked picture perfect. Although some viewers of the show make remarks that it looked a little too perfect.

One Twitter user wrote: “LOOOOL that background for Mike and Priscilla’s date is looking SUSPECTT.”

Many other users agreed that it could’ve been a “greenscreen” or “backdrop”.

love island mike and priscilla safari

Screenshot: Love Island Mike and Priscilla safari – ITV

Can you visit the safari park?

Well, this dependant on where the exact safari park is.

Mike, Priscilla and the rest of the Islanders are living their Love Island days out in a villa based in Cape Town.

So, based on that, we found two safari parks in the area that offer a Big Five experience.

Aquila Safari could be the place Mike and Priscilla had their date. It offers morning safaris on a private game reserve.

Although, there are a few destinations which could’ve been the date location including Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve.

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