Love Island: We found Anton’s “crazy” mum on Instagram!

Love Island: We found Anton’s "crazy" mum on Instagram!

Series 4 of Love Island saw Danny Dyer’s daughter Dani win the show. The famous actor had his say on the villa antics and this year another parent is getting involved in all the Love Island action!

Anton Danyluk’s mum won the heart of the nation after her appearance on ITV’s Aftersun on July 21st.

Sherie Ann certainly wasn’t a wallflower during the Aftersun show, heckling at Michael Griffiths and stating her honest opinion of Belle Hassan.

Love Island’s Anton shared some details on the 2019 show of how his mum helps him out with male grooming including the shaving of his derriere.

We found the new national treasure that is Anton’s mum on Instagram and she’s uploading videos and everything!

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Love Island: SR5: Ep8 on ITV2
Pictured: Anton.

Love Island: Introducing Anton’s mum

Anton’s mum – Sherie Ann Danyluk – first graced our screens on July 21st during Love Island’s Aftersun show.

As a member of the audience, Caroline Flack called over to Sherie Ann to get an opinion on Anton’s other half in the villa, Belle Hassan.

Anton’s mum didn’t look to keen on Belle but then admitted that she does like her son’s current beau.

She then continued to say something to do with how the pair looked good together but Twitter users were quick to state that it wasn’t very easy to understand what Anton’s mum was saying.

Screen Shot: Love Island Aftersun series 3 episode 7 – ITV2

Love Island: Anton’s mum on Twitter

Love Island Aftersun viewers had a fair bit to say about Sherie Ann with many commenting that she seemed drunk on the show.

Others were quick to voice their appreciation of Anton’s mum heckling Michael Griffiths who had been dumped from the Island.

The comments from Anton’s mum got so much that @kirstysworld wrote: “Someone needs to send a telegram to Anton to let him know his mums berating his mates on LIVE & NATIONAL TV”.

We found Anton Danyluk’s mum on Instagram!

The woman who found fame on Aftersun now has her own Instagram account so that all of Anton’s fans can follow her.

But, let’s face it these guys aren’t here for Anton, Sherie Ann could be well on her way to stardom herself if she carries on.

You can follow Sherie Ann along with the rest of her 20,000 followers @sherieanndanyluk.

With only four posts so far, Sherie Ann’s doing pretty well on Instagram already!




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