Love Island: Which couple should be DUMPED? Twitter answers!

With the first eviction of a couple creeping closer (Friday, 15th June, ITV2, 9 pm), fans of Love Island are sat nervously waiting to see if their favourite couple will face the boot.

Either Dr Alex George and Samira Mighty or Charlie Frederick and Hayley Hughes will see their Love Island 2018 journey come to an end, following a vote from the villa housemates on who is “the least compatible” couple.

The final decision will go down to the general public, however, and this is what you’ve been saying on social media.

Fingers crossed…

Screen Shot: Charlie and Hayley – Love Island, ITV2, first couple eviction, series 4

Dr Alex and Samira – Love Island, ITV2, first couple eviction, series 4

The Obvious Answer – Alex and Samira WILL Stay

It only takes a few seconds of Twitter flicking to see that more than the majority of social media users are rooting for Alex and Samira.

Apparently, it’s a simple and easy answer and they will 100% stay.

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Why are we all so nervous then?

Screen Shot: Samira Mighty – Love Island, ITV2, episode 3, episode four

Screen Shot: Alex – Love Island, series 4, episode 8

It’s Time for Hayley Hughes to GO

The reason for the U.K’s super-strong opinion on Samira and Alex staying is all to do with Hayley Hughes.

Sure, we love Dr Alex and Samira is great, but we also heavily despise Hayley and her incredibly rude approach to literally everything.

It’s time to go, love.

Hayley – Love Island, ITV2, series 4, episode 6

Charlie and Hayley – Love Island, ITV2, first couple eviction, series 4

But Samira and Alex Are Just Friends?

There are some sections of Twitter who – very unpopularly – are being strict to the rules, and believe that Samira and Alex should go because they are only friends.

This makes them the least compatible as a couple, no? Would you date your best friend?

Hayley and Charlie to Stay… For Bantz

The final crowd on social media basically want Charlie and Hayley to stay based on the fact that it is hilarious to watch them rubbing together like two planks of wood.

Hayley, for all her downfalls, is undeniably entertaining, and people tend to enjoy watching drama and arguments more than pure, soppy love.


Don’t acknowledge our opinions, though, it’s all up to you…

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