Swooping straight into Love Island 2019 during the Casa Amor episodes was pro basketball player Ovie Soko.

Ovie managed to get stuck into the show pretty quickly and his likeable personality and hilarious sense of humour look to have won over his fellow Islanders and the show’s viewers alike.

Ovie Soko’s parents, specifically his dad, have already been a topic that has come up on the show, in the baby challenge episode beyond. And everyone’s convinced that Ovie is already a parent himself!

So who are Ovie’s parents?

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Who are Ovie Soko’s parents?

Ovie Soko has managed to get a huge fan base out of Love Island 2019 viewers.

And it was clear when some of the Islanders’ parents walked through the villa door that Ovie has made a good impression on his parents’ generation… neither Maura’s mum nor India’s could keep their hands off him!

We learned of Ovie’s dad’s name during the baby challenge in episode 52. Ovie and his partner, India, named their fake baby Raymond Jr after Ovie’s father.

The 28-year-old’s dad is on Facebook and from his social media account, it looks as though he’s an artist.

Ovie is obviously close to his dad as he shares an Instagram post captioned “Thank God for family” in June 2019. There doesn’t seem to be anything on Insta of Ovie’s mum, though, so she’s currently still unknown.

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TBT THANK GOD FOR FAMILY #beenhadthejuice

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Why weren’t Ovie’s parents on Love Island?

Ovie’s older brother Raymond – who was first mentioned in the baby episode – and his cousin turned up to support him in the ‘meet the parents’ episode.

So, understandably, viewers were wondering why neither of his parents showed up.

Although their reason for being absent has not yet been shared, it is not unusual that they were not on the show.

Many Islanders’ have a variety of different family members show up to support them. In the episode, Anton’s uncle came to support as did Molly-Mae and India’s sisters.

Ovie Soko: Nationality

Ovie’s background is Nigerian. Specifically, Ovie is said to have roots in the Urhobo people located in Southern Nigeria.

The 6ft 7 Islander was born in London on February 7th 1991 to Raymond Soko, his mother’s name isn’t known.

Ovie has a clear Londoner accent however he has spent a lot of time in the US due to his basketball career. His Facebook page lists him as living in Birmingham, Alabama.

Most recently he’s played basketball for Spain however he’s also spent time in Greece playing there.

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