Love Island: Could new-girl Ellie Brown couple up with Wes?

Episode 12 of Love Island introduced us to stunning blonde new-girl Ellie Brown.

The 20-year-old from Newcastle caused an immediate storm with the boys, although most of the guys are supposedly happily ‘coupled up’.

Who could be tempted to stray from their villa loved ones?

And what are these rumours to do with Ellie Brown and Wes?

Laura and Wes

Laura and Wes have been coupled up since the get-go and are still one of the bookies’ favourites to win the show; priced at 7/1 behind Dani Mas Dyer and Jack Fincham.

Things have moved rapidly for the couple inside the villa, as they were honoured with the award of becoming the first couple to test run the Hideaway bedroom.

Wes and Laura – but what about Ellie? – Love Island 2018, ITV2, series 4,

Despite this, and with Wes admitting that he was “falling for Laura”, viewers have maintained the belief that their nine-year age gap could prove a huge stumbling block.

Hell, with little genuine camera time showing the pair messing around together alike Dani and Jack, the 20 and 29-year-old lovers could even be playing a game to stay in the competition.

The Newbie Ellie Brown

Ellie spent the majority of episode 12 with the group of boys huddled around her, lead by single-to-mingle Dr Alex and ‘Mr always keeping my options open’ Adam Collard.

Ellie said: Possibly one of the most surreal but amazing experiences ever. They’re a lot better looking than expected, so I feel a little spoilt for choice.”

Ellie Brown – Love Island 2018, ITV2, series 4,

Ellie Brown – Love Island 2018, ITV2, series 4

Ellie and Wes

It was a laid back and suave looking Dr Alex who was taking the lead with Ellie early on, and he was buoyed by her comments about disliking men who are too “muscley”.

Odd analogy, though…

Ellie Brown – Love Island 2018, ITV2, series 4

Ellie Brown – Love Island 2018, ITV2, series 4

Ellie Brown – Love Island 2018, ITV2, series 4

However, as the girls stormed back into the villa shouting and hollering as if it was a raid, it was Josh Denzel and Wes who were caught out getting to know Ellie a little better.


Quick boys, hide…

Wes and Ellie – Love Island 2018, ITV2, series 4,

Wes and Ellie – Love Island 2018, ITV2, series 4

The episode finished a preview clip of episode 13, with Wes telling Ellie that she was “his type”.

Ellie signals the first real test for Wes, mainly because she looks almost identical to Laura yet is nine years younger.

The last recoupling was on Wednesday 13th June, meaning there is plenty of time before the next recoupling and time for Wes to get to know Ellie.

If what we have seen so far is anything to go by, Wes, Ellie and Laura could be the biggest love triangle of series four.

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